I knew something was off …
- this morning ....

This morning after I woke up, I did something I dont normally do.

I wrote to you BEFORE my visualization which I do “on auto pilot” first thing in the morning upon arising whether I “know it or not”.

So do YOU, my friend.

So does everyone.

We ALL have thoughts in our minds all day long, key thing is do we pay attention to them?

Maybe we should, to achieve the RESULTS we want in our lives!

Anyway, I wrote the first email to you, got ready – and then the rest – and then this.

But as I was writing email #2, I felt it.

My lower back was “twinging”.

My calves felt sore and tired.

And my hamstrings – right behind the knee felt “weak and hurt”.

All of this, of course, was just feeling.

I’m not sore, tired or hurting.

And to prove this, I instantly got up and did 25 Hindu squats.

Easy peasy!

Before this though, I got into my favorite squatting position – NOT the Hindu squat position – and then a handstand – and then another stretch “dog style” I outline in the book on isometrics.

If I was hurting, if something was indeed wrong physically, I’d have felt it.

Nothing was wrong.

It was excess tension in some regards, and a lot of thoughts ruminating around in me.

And I gotta tell you, I dont feel comfortable either internally or externally unless I talk to my “family” – you!

More than that, it was also a touch of indigestion I believe?

I ate “too much rice” last night, which I normally don’t at night …

But anyway, whatever it is, point is this

Lots of folks go by the “The body is a collection of parts” maxim, as opposed to “the body is a WHOLE made up of parts”.

Its like a car, my friend.

A car with a faulty alternator, for one, will never start properly no matter how well it runs otherwise.

A car with no tread on the tyres and no brake fluid – for instance – while everything else is fine “in the interior” is useless.

I know a thing or two about faulty cars – believe me! My car I once had – damn near everything was falling apart including doors except an engine …

Baptism by FIRE as usual for me.

But in the overall scheme of things, I’m glad it happened.

But anyway, same thing with your body bro.

If your core is “flatulent” or not in the best of shape, you’ll never have the swag about you you so want.

If your legs are weak, believe me, all the benching in the world won’t cure the issue.

If you have indigestion, constipation and other “internal issues” then as Farmer Burns rightly said in the great book “Lessons on Wrestling and Physical Culture” … all the lotions, soaps and creams in the world won’t make you look or smell good.

More – your EMOTIONS are housed in your body!

Anger, I believe is stored in the liver.

Fear in the kidneys.

And there is a lot more to this, and if you ever wondered why your feet hurt like heck when you go for a Chinese style massage (foot massage) while the girl digs her thumb in into your soles – well it’s because of pressure points, my friend.

The more you got piled up either emotionally or otherwise, the more it will hurt …

It’s a pity most people dont get this.

And when it’s explained to them, they still choose not to get it.

Anyway, the body, my friend works as a WHOLE.

And there is no more important part of your body to work than the core – both internally – andEXTERNALLY.

Do so via the exercises in Corrugated Core, my friend.

They will clean you out both internally – and externally.

They will GET RID of any “negative emotions” you’ve got stored up and bottled up inside of you.

And they will also burn fat off at record levels.

Along with that, be sure and do what I tell you to in the Rolls Royce of Fitness – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best ever, and a combo you cannot beat.

Well ,my friend, thats it for now.

I’ll be back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee