Bozos signing up with the email address below NOT wanted.
- Ugh....

This really should be on social shedia, and I’ll put it there.

But for now, ultra short one for me, much like Bozos’s Schofield’s ultra short … ah, but I best not go there. LOL.

Anyway, nuts with email addresses fromthe following have been signing up – and unsubscribing – in DROVES.

As of late, it’s only increased.

me dot com.

quiter dot com.

handheld dot com.

You wouldn’t believe it, but yes, people do sign up from those domains.

The reason I don’t want ’em is obvious.

What I Want, my friend are DOERS.

And it’s one reason I put out a list of “types” of people I do NOT want on the Ship page.

If I left anything out, let me know!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for the idiots wanting freebies and claiming “the written word doesn’t matter” – and “noone reads emails” – well you’re WRONG.

It is not just “writing on the INternet!”

True, if you dont market well, then it is, but even then, books survive the test of time.

BOOKS are what inspire, motivate, educate, uplift, teach – either for the positive or negative.

BOOKS and the written word are really the hallmark of an expert.

“It’s fine to SAY it, but can you put it in WRITING”?

(in a way people understand)?

Every sensible business knows the value of this!

Even Pres Trump, my friend, has now turned to doing what Ive been doing for AGES i.e. run a blog of sorts as of late!

Anyway, more on that later …