Why I refuse to turn the AC off or down during BLAZING HEAT AND HUMIDITY in Southern China
- I just won't, bro.

Or wherever I may be, or may not be, but the point is China and the blazing humidity and heat in China Southern (did I reverse twice. lol) …

I’ve made no bones of the fact I Cannot live without 24/7 A/C.

Unless I just cannot do it, my A/C, and ALL my landlords and landladies are testament to this fact – has to be in perfect working conditioning and running 24/7 or else.

No rent, or whatever it takes.

Along with the spraying for roaches before I move in and hot water, thats the three things I refuse to compromise upon.


Maybe I’m a polar bear in that A/c has always been essential for me, and cold beer (and when I don’t get a steady diet of either, I’m crankier than CRANKY can be).

(though I may not always show it).

But … point being this – I cannot for the life of me understand why people in China, and India, and other Asian nations complain about “it’s too cold!” during almost 100% humidity and 50 degrees heat outdoors!

I mean, the heat is one thing – combine with the humidity?


I’d rather Texas with people wanting MORE A/C not less.

“Cowboy from TX”, as they call me. Heheh. So be it. Muchs respect to the Lone Star State – yet again!

But it brings to mind an idiotic thing I read on Pinked-Out.

The only thing I dislike about summer:

Very low temperature and totally unnecessary waste of energy and discomfort of AC indoors.

Just why?

Well, why indeed (it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the person who wrote this is a woman).

I replied to her with the above.

Then I asked her this –

Here is a question Chloe. Why do a lot of Chinese people, in the middle of summer prefer to “open the window and let the climate in”- with A/C on?

😁 I dont know if you’ve experienced that, of course, but only if you have, hehe.

Reply was –

staying in a AC room all day is actually not that healthy(you can look it up if interested). I too when I turn on AC to sleep (usually a few hours) would leave some windows slightly open, I know it costs more power but I don’t want to have no fresh air after the AC turns off

She’s got a point about the power, but we were never talking power in the first place, so I didnt argue that (but she’s right in that if you keep turning the damn thing off and on, it costs you MORE than if it runs 24/7) . . .

She’s spot on about the health part too.

But …

Anyway, here goeth –

True, indoors aren’t exactly the healthiest place – with or without AC. Hehe. My point just was, if they open the windows during the blazing heat of summer, shouldn’t they turn the AC off first? Curiously enough most don’t. A lady I taught once (ugh, what a nasty job!

I was paid well though for that one time) showed up in a mini skirt prancing around in summer which is FINE, but she complained to the “manager” that “Rahul won’t turn the AC down” (it was middle of May in Dongguan, just so you know). Then she put on a sweater in summer. Then ….. once I left, and they turned the AC “down” and opened the windows – apparently they needed the AC because “it was too hot”. The height of STUPIDITY is what I’d call it, Chloe, but hey, what do I know eh.

And thats a true story.

For reference, it was a certain Ashley with a rich husband that paid her way (I won’t get into how I knew her etc – this ain’t an adult site, hehe) …

… and of course, she thought “throw money at center, so I own them”.

Which she did.

She was literally paying half their bills on her own – especially when she wanted me for private classes if you get my drift.

( I don’t work cheap, not even for beautiful girls, married or not).

And what she did – I’ve described it above.

She ain’t the only one tho.

“Open the windows and let the climate come in”

I mean, jeez, isnt the very point of AC to NOT let them damned “climate” come in?

(it ain’t just poor Chinese English either; I’ve had this same thing happen in school etc. A certain teacher (phat phock) named “VD …”well, I won’t go there, but he inflicted the most painful punishments on us guys while leaving the girls alone. I wish I coul dmeet him right about NOW. HA!)

Sometimes, I gotta say it – people in general have lost their MARBLES.

Then don’t even get me started on a girl I once knew “Shikha” who (this was back when I worked a job) complained about “my hair flies in the AC”!

Luckily, my boss Pankaj was a smart dude (him of the “HR is utterly useless” fame, hehe, and he’s SPOT ON!)

He told me to turn the damn AC on anyway when he saw how I was sweating bullets.

Of course, when I complained about it in other places I was told “how dare I!”

Guess you can tell whose a real man and who ain’t.

But anyway, the AC was turned on in that office, and so it should be …

Anyway, I hate the heat, Bozos, Nazi feminists, and …well, a lot more, but thats off the top of my head.

I don’t so much mind the pumpers and preeners at the Jim Shim though.

But I do love seeing their jaws drop wide open seeing me do handstands pushups, pull-ups, and animal kingdom workouts

Alright, bro, I gotta go. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee