So now I’ve been accused of having a “Chinese wife and daughter”
- And more on Nazi femdom!

I gotta say, the stupidity is nigh MIND BOGGLING!

When I got (or announced my very ill fated decision to “get married” in 2009 – well, that was after it showed up in the Delhi newspapers – haha – the court case – the infamous case STILL DOING THE ROUNDS!) “hitched” – my Dad made the following comment “in jest”.

(He was more right than he thought he was, hehe, in some ways).

“We hope you don’t have any other wives around! As far as we know, there’s only one …. “

(For reference, this was with regard to the court case about Delhi Police cheating yours truly – along with a conniving FAT Nazi feminist lawyer who got pissed off along with a phat phock who saw us “cuddling” together – apparently they couldn’t get none, but I could, so …)

But anyway, this accusation of “many wives” has persisted.

We know what the Oxford Bozo in Brum, or “rear end” keeps saying about “how many girls add your wechat!”

Like dude, I dont even take the blasted thing when I worked out.

Then this morning, a girl – or lady – who is pretty Nazi feminist in many regards – let’s just call her “El” if you get my drift, hehe.

All we were doing yesterday was chatting, and of course, I got barraged with the following questions

“I don’t have money! So if you’re looking for rich women, you’re sadly mistaken!”

(I’m paraphrasing).

Then this.

“All men want rich women! Men are practical!”

(to which I responded, in China, so are women).

(and really, is it men that are the gold diggers, or the women? YOU be the judge!)

Then this –

“I’m divorced!”

I asked her why idly. Always interesting to hear stories!

She never told me, of course, prattling on about “why my last girlfriend left me” (when the last time I had a girlfriend – golly! I can’t even recall! I think yours truly was the one that left her as opposed to anything else).

This morning, she sent me the following.

“Lets keep our distance!”

I responded with an idle “OK”. I was uploading my latest book (translated into Portugese) on a different channel.

I didnt ask why, or anything.

Of course, a Nazi feminist (for the record, she’s in advertising, so I added her to see what was up) is never satisfied with no answers.

Remember, one of the cardinal rules of Nazi feminism.

“It’s always her way or the highway, and she never needs to answer anything, but you do!”

And this resulted in a half hour long “accusation-style-conversation” – from both parties.

And the crux of it all?

“You live in China so many years, so you have a Chinese wife and child!”

Amazingly enough, this is the page she got this mindblowing info from –

(Tells you a lot about Nazi femdoms doing their research, or utter and complete LACK OF IT).

She ain’t the only one though.

My “lovely S.O.”, or whatever you might want to call her depending upon says the same thing all the time.

“You send them money, but not us!”



I mean, Jesus, I’m just the caveman that wants to be left the EFF alone with my damned beer and what not!

And my fitness, and other writing.

Then of course, “El” asked me questions about my “fat phock” picture.

“Why you not post the real picture!”

Like lady, does it even MATTER?

Do we even KNOW each other beyond casual convo?

I dont think so!

When quizzed about her situation, she never told me why she was divorced, hid the fact she had a daughter, never told me her inside story (women love to hide the inconvenient facts!) …

Why, I asked.

“You dont want to be my boyfriend, do you! You dont want to marry me, do you!”


I said hell no, I dont. PLEASE!

But this just shows you how a Nazi feminist has NO concept of goose and gander.

I mean, jesus, lady, maybe I didnt tell you MY entire story which would fill up several Bollywood, Hollywood, and Pollywood movies if I chose to make them because “we dont know each other” and it hardly matters!

Anyway, end of rant.

But the “phat phock” picture, I am NOT going to remove it – I should have told her that, but I won’t.


It will be there where it is – it was there for a reason, and I ain’t interested in removing it either.

Anyway, where were we?

Ah yes.

“You’re a master at sophistry!”

Yours truly writer didnt know the meaning of the word (Well, I guessed), but I had to check.

Then this –

(remember, the page she went to).

“You’re an Indian, aren’t you!”

And the questions came in thick and fast …

Anyway, where was I before this rant.

One, being the single and rational male is the only way to go.

Chinese wife. Oh my!


(though notches, I’m glad with those – but I spoke about a girl in the past that was with me – cheating and cuckolding her husband – and she was fine with that. Women can do it, of course. When men do, they’re always wrong).

Eff that, bro.

And sis.

Goose and gander.

And thats the end of this rant.

Oops, wait.

Almost forgot to include the pimp ; so here it is now.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I knew that dream I had yesterday had meaning, hehe. Except it wasn’t presented to me in this manner. Dreams never are.

Of course, so says yours truly “sophist” and seer. Hehe.

PS #2 – A great customer said it the best. Women are wind up artists, and there was more … but if there was one comment I could pass on to Madam El, it would be this. Hehe.

PPS – Nazi fem quote for the ages –

“What you have is not the mind of a mature man. When problems arise, you dont reflect on yourself in time, and you always blame the other person”


If there ever was a quote that summed up the Nazi feminist idiocy in FULL – this is it!

Anyway, book is upcoming on it – be on the outlook for that too!

Geez, what a start to the dey, hehe.