From the desk of the straight faced liar, giving it to YOU … straight!
- Amen!

It ain’t no secret that yours truly is a master at many things, including ultra brutal honesty.

And the fact he doesn’t spend hours deliberaring and planning over anything.

When the time comes ? He just does it!

My friend and I (friend from the Marines, him in Gorilla Grip) had the famous conversation about whether Donald Trump was more brutally honest, or yours truly.

“I’d say Trump!” I laughed. “He’s probably the ONLY living person that I would say that about though! “

My friend laughed back and …

“Thats not a foregone conclusion by any means, Rahul! We dont know that!”

And the long list of fracas and troubles and joys and what nots and girls and Nazi feminists that I’ve been entangled with due to the above – well – legion!

So I guess we’re past that one.

But anyway, I keep hearing the following about Trump.

“Trump’s a master at deceit!”

Anytime I hear the above, I gotta laugh and classify the person who said that as a Bozo x 100.

I mean, Trumps a MASTER – at marketing. A natural born genius at it, much like yours truly always had it in his blood

If anything , LEARN from Trump, my friend.

Yours truly has always been doing what he does, but anyway, the straight faced liar?

Well, when a 13 year old boy has a figurative gun pointed at his head, and knows the only way to SURVIVE is to be a CHAMELOEON – well – enough said!

It’s a skill.

Back to the wall – you either fight back full bore, or you wait till the enemy’s attention is diverted.


It’ sjust that simple.

It’s also incredible that the same idiots, leftists, liberals and Bozos that call me a liar weep streams over my candid nature and brutal honesty too.


But anyway, given all thats going on today, I thought I’d mention that, just for the record.

More for the desk of the SFL “yours truly”.

None of it lies, bro.

I had a weak grip. Truly the weakest.

I didnt bitch and moan.

I worked at it to get the STRONGEST grip in the room, and then some!

When I was in school, the girls could throw the damned shot put farther than me.


Mr Handstand Pushups!

All my life I’ve been accused of bullshit I never did, and what did I do?

I cut my losses. I took the “lose the battle”.

But I reinvented myself, and guess what – ultimately there are two things.

One, I’ve always WON.

It may take years in some cases though, but win I will.

(Bozo knows this).

(He ain’t the only one).

And two?

Well, ultimately nothing matters, as the great Napoleon Hill said, and the bare faced, uber aggressive “little boy anti Nazi feminist” agrees …

You’ll read about all this in the new book on it – coming sometime soon.

And you’ll read about training like Ive never written before in the book on training with implements – LUMBERJACK FITNESS!

For now, there’s plenty to pick up here.

And I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee