Why only grade A++ fools think “its never about core strength when it comes to your GRIP, MAN!”
- This is worth a mention, albeit a teeny one ...

This is DEFINITELY worth a mention, but here is what I just got in my Inbox.

(another busy day this was/is and it ain’t almost over by now).


I been following you a while, man, and you’re WRONG! It’s grip, MAAAN! And grip is never about your core, fat levels, and nothing like that! It’s about BLASTING the forearms – forearms are small muscles which need massive work that pains!

You dont know what you are talking about in most things. UNSUBSCRIBE!!”

Whoa, whoa.

I dont know where he read in my last email (he replied to that) that core was related to grip – – it is, of course, but I didnt mention it specifically I believe?

Or maybe I did (yeah, I did – better shape).

So dude read between the lines – kudos.

And he also followed up on his unsubscribe “threat” which a lot of people curiously enough don’t – trying to sign up again under nicks and what not.

Kudos numero II.

He’s also somewhat right about what he says about forearms being small muscles that need more work.

True, I dont quite agree with the “blasting” part, but they DO need more work, yeah. Except not as he said, but I’ll give him the third KUDO now.

But he nullified all that, and became a big fat dude when he said what he did in the opening part.

Core not related to grip?

I mean, are you KIDDING meĀ  or WHAT?????

When I “pulled” my friend whose five times (almost) my size and a trained fighter for DECADES towards me “on auto pilot” while shaking his hand, let me tell you one thing – it wasn’t grip alone though it felt like it.

“Ive never felt anyone with an unnatural kung fu like grip like YOURS!”

(he told me later).

And if you think Id have gripped even better if I was a phat foker, think AGAIN my friend.

Think very carefully, and think through it several times.

The answer is NO.

Look, when you grip, if you do so right – it’s like throwing a punch in that your POWER comes from the CORE.

You dont just grip with your forearms.

The forward motion of the legs, the HIPS, and the CORE – yes, even the lower back – all come into that crushing grip with the ape like pull to it.

A pull that pulls you “off balance” as it were.

The next time you grip, analyze, and you’ll see it’s true.

Or grip with your legs ramrod straight together (no space) and then compare with a normal “forward” lunge of sorts (you know what I mean).

You’ll see!

And that is why my friend, my continual rants about losing weight and getting in super shape over your whole body, but especially your midsection!

Because, the CORE is where it all starts – and ends, my friend.

Trust me on this one.

And when you GET that Corrugated Core of your dreams – you’ll know what I mean and why I say it.

Well, my friend, I’m out.

Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee