The many things Nazi feminists, liberals, SJW’s and Bozos in general have in common
- Starting with a stunning and apparent lack of BRAIN ...

Many things, actually.

First being the insult and blame technique to twist even the simplest of things or questions around into B.S.

Second, of course, expecting the world to “do it for them”. These groups don’t believe in personal responsibility of any nature.

Big government, they wail!

And then curiously enough when that big government fails them – they bitch and moan about the “other side” and how good “they have it”.

Then, of course, they all hate each other.

That holds particularly true for Nazi feminists of any nature who (unless there is a man – cucked or not – to vent their frustrations on) will take it out on each other.

True story, my friend, and “cat fights” – well, the term was coined for a REASON.

There are many other things, but the “insult and blame” and “yell and moan” for the simplest little things that could be resolved with a “yes” or no characterize this bunch.

Por ejempelo, the joker-cum-troll – that  guy “JC Muhammad” who kept typing out long posts in an irritated manner, but wouldn’t answer the simple question of why Kamala Harris (or how, I should say) was “both black and mixed”.

You’re either one of the two, friend.

Not both at the same time.

Rant all you like, but thats the bottom line.

Then wack job Jill who kept deflecting the questions I posed of her on the BLM and Antifa madness, playing dodgeball the most with the question about “if they support blacks, why are black owned businesses being looted left right and center?”

Or my comment about “what about white or people from any other race that have had it tough with the cops due to whatever reason?”

Somehow, we dont hear the Indians or Chinese or Hispanics or those from Mars complain as much as those from Venus or “blacks” of all hues, colors and races do …

(And no, don’t give me the spiel about “racism was most virulent” against blacks back in the day – no, it wasn’t.)

All she did was pose idiotic questions without answering any – questions unrelated to the debate – and then reported me on Pinked-Out which blocked my replies for “harassment”.

Which oddly enough is the tactic Nazi feminists use.

Say ANYTHING to them, either directly or indirectly, politely or not, and you’re HARASSING them.

How dare ANYONE, including others of their own ilk speak up against their constant mood swings, irritated rants, constant “negative vibes galore”, and so forth …

Of course, the guy (male) who speaks up is always wrong!

Anyway, if you’re stuck in a Nazi feminist situation for now wherever you may be in the world, the best choice – for now – is to “play dumb”.

Oddly enough, that irks them even more when you dont reply.

As a great customer said, women are nothing but wind up artists.

Thing is, if you know how to wind ’em up right – you can not only defeat them at their game but PROFIT from them big time.

All in the upcoming book on Nazi feminism, which I must admit has been delayed, as have been a few others, but no worries, “when the time is right it will happen”.

Anyway, one prime thing they have in common?

They’ll usually all exercise haters (real exercise, not Jassy style “Jim Shim with massages in between sets”).

And they all claim “you’re jealous” when their blasted dumbphone rings all day long with inanity.

Like, wtf would I be jealous of. Hehe.

So would say the rational male.

And why.

And that, curiously enough is the point of it all ..

Anyway, enough of this – for now. More in the book.

For now, remember you attract what it is you think about – and if you follow it up with action – literally NOTHING or NOBODY can stop you – panicdemic, morons that advocate panix-ations galore whether you WANT it or not “I mean, look, lady, it’s my damned body!” or whatever . . .

Start right here.


Rahul Mookerjee