Teeny Weeny Japanese dude beats me at arm wrassling …
- Years ago, hehe

Years ago, while watching the nth re-run of Over the Top with a friend of mine (same dude who sent over the post on the mask idiocy etc a couple of days back, a qualified nurse and more) … a Japanese guy joined us.

I think he was a friend of his.

And we all watched it together, and of course, all got fired up to arm wrestle.

Now, I’d routinely despite not working out a lick and being a phat phock (pull-ups?? forget about it!) defeat my friend at arm wrestling MOST of the time (not all).

But this skinny Japanese dude, weighed about 50 lbs soaking wet – It hought, no big deal!

Oh my – was I wrong.

The guy pummelled my arm to the table like nothing.

Fluke, I thought.

I tried again. Tried all the tricks in my bag.

Nothing doing!

That mite sized guy who could probably not lift more than a 100lbs if even that – guy that looked like his pants would fall off him any moment – guy that was just SO skinny … he trumped me at arm wrassling EVERY time.

Of course, I later learned he knew some techniques I didn’t. (at the time).

And in arm wrassling, technique is quite literally 99% of the game (assuming you aren’t a weakling otherwise).

Anyway, he wasn’t the only one that crushed my grip either back then.

Bruce, a friend of mine could do it (he had a bone crushing grip, so I thought, from working on cars his whole life).

And a host of other people could do it … including a “massive” (again, so I thought!) dude who according to Tim, another friend, “did nothing but worked out all day, so if we didtoo, we’d be like him too”.

Anyway …. with that guy I often had the same “puny” feeling I described in the last email, though he was friendly as anything could be.

Crux of this story tho, and where I am leading up to is THIS, my friend.

You’d probably think my grip strength probably skyrocketed x 100 along with upper body when I was a super phat phock and did pull-ups and 500 pushups daily …

I mean, I’m lifting and pushing more, right?

So naturally, by Jim Shim Bimbo logic, I oughta be stronger?

Maybe a little.

but overall, my grip strength really started to explode when my pull-up ability did.

The latter only happened when I got in better shape as I’ve told you about.

It’s not always, usually NOT about how much you can lift, my friend, usually with straps and what not.

And it certainly aint about the size of the dog – ever – it’s about the size of the FIGHT in the dog.

And to get the two courses that along with Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) are responsible for the above?

The Rolls Royce of Fitness (primary!!)


Have at, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee