From sissy to STUD at pull-ups
- And then some!

Red Dragon, I believe, was the name of the movie – one of the many – I Watched when I was a lard ass, unable to hang on to the chinning bar for very long at all (note – this is different from the super lard ass status I achieved during my mid 30’s when I not only “hung” – but did pull-ups all the time too!).

(No that ain’t an excuse to be a fat ass. The more weight you have around the midsection, the tougher pull-ups get. There is a reason I became a super stud at pull-ups once the rest of me also got fitter).

But anyway …

Assuming that was the flick, it started with showing a dudes back.

Not “below the waist”, sorry, if BBS is reading this . Not that “backside”.

But, just his back.

And dude was doing pull-ups.

I still remember my girlfriend then making the following comment (before that I wasn’t really noticing, since I Was getting my nth Corona from the fridge).

“Man, now THAT dude has muscles all over him!”

And the way she said made me notice.

Now, this was a girl who routinely said “I was the hottest guy she ever dated”, the most intelligent, smartest, and a host of other positive things – ALL the time – and couldn’t get enough of me – but STRENGTH?

I dont recall her saying much at all about my muscles, or lack thereof, hehe, except when I did pushups and even thenĀ  not a lot.

So it made me look up.

The visual stays until this day, and its part of the sales page on “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Slow, controlled pull-ups, NO – I repeat – NO momentum used, and the muscles of his back ETCHED out in stark relief as he completed one effortless rep after the other.

Yours truly isn’t really into male aesthetics if you get my drift.

Ill leave that to the sissies and BBS’s.

But, I couldn’t help but admire the back muscles – and how they screamed out STRENGTH AND POWER – and made me feel PUNY . . .

. . . and that, my friend, was the emotion I felt, and likely most people would have felt.


Though I was probably “bigger” than the guy in many regards, I instantly wished I was the stud doing those.

And so forth.

Years later, I AM that person – perhaps better – and people looking at me wish for the same thing, which I understand – hey, I’ve been there.

The pull-up, my friend, is the one exercise which magnifies “humbled” by a power of 10 or more if you can’t do ’em, and MAGNIFIES by 100 or more the feeling of “stud” and “on top of the world” if YOU Can do ’em, and do ’em well!

Think about it, friend.

What if you could walk by the chinning bar and pop off 10 perfect ones without thinking about it, on the way to doing whatever it is you were?

THAT is when you know you’re in SHAPE!

Truly a treat, if I might say so … and not just visually. Overall!

And this treat description extends to both my books on pull-ups, but especially the advanced book, my friend.

Dud to STUD will turn you into a roaring stud at pull-ups, ready to scream from the rooftops about it.

But it’s really the advanced course that will catapult you to “rarefied” levels “the greats” at the pull-up that even those merely at stud status will be left goggling at.

Trust me, the info in this book is priceless, invaluable, and then some.

Before writing it, I wondered what price tag to put on it, but couldn’t figure it out.

So the price is what it is for the book, but let me tell you – the info?

Truly priceless!

And those wanting to turn into a super stud right now might want to grab it at the price it is, because down the road – the price WILL go up, so get in while the going is good.

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – When I see visuals like this now, my thoughts you (may) ask? Well, it turns to the following – I can do ’em better – and critiquing his form (constructively) (or hers).

Truly a level I’m very glad to be at, and the courses above will get YOU there too.