Why your upper-mid back may be “hurting” (not “sore”)
- This is a common question ...

At the outset, let me say this – “hurting” is not to be confused with “sore”.

The two are different!

And for the lazy asses out there that believe in split schedules and “I did 500 pushups yesterday” or “5” so I won’t do anything at all for the next week to allow my chest to recover, and so forth – this email ain’t for you.

I did lots of pushups yesterday, and I can feel it in my BONES.

Not just muscles, but BONES.

And you’re damn right, I WILL do another tough workout today. Except maybe not focusing so much on pushups, but …

But anyway, more on that later maybe.

For now, upper back pain is common – a very common question I get is this (and indeed, what my wife told me this morning).

“My back hurts!”

And often times, the person will “stretch” their shoulder blades back and forth trying to loosen the kinks out or what not.

A massage probably is what most people think of to resolve this sort of thing.


That might work – temporarily, but the real root cause of most people’s back pain is this, my friend – too much time spent being a “hunchback of Notre Dame (or Dude”).

It’s INSANE – I repeat, INSANE – the amount of MEN for one I see walking around hunchbacked!!!

And of course, man tits and the lot . . .

Even when I was a phat phock, yours truly was NEVER a hunchback.

My back – or anything else – never “hurt”.

My feet didnt hurt from running either (yes, I’d often run back then!) .

And no, I dont have great genetics physically. IT’s the OPPOSITE. I put on weight easily, and I put it on in the areas most noticeable, it goes OFF the last from there as well, and so when I’m in great shape I look like a movie star, and when I’m not, I look like a slob and phat phock and still attract women anyway, but …

… back to backs.

Most common reason – time spent hunching over.

Either the computer, or dumbphone, or what not . . .

Or, just “sitting around all day”.

Or, if you’re the “chest workout and chest alone” sort … too much time on the BENCH press which makes you look like an ape from the front, and a pelican from the back.

I cannot emphasize this enough to those that keep wanting to “press weights” from a “lying down position”.

If you want to lift weights, do so STANDING.

Lift things over your HEAD.

Or, lift things up from the GROUND. Preferably ODD OBJECTS, which will be on the book with training with implements!

But the best thing if you want to train chest – pushups!

EVEN if you just do the BASIC pushup your whole life, you’ll be working your back and traps more than you will any bench press of any nature.

And your chest will thank you for all the deep breathing involved which makes it GROW at a deeper, internal level (thus the “broad” (or barrel) chested external look).

These are two secrets I’ve mentioned in the Rolls Royce of Fitness, and here I am, givin them away for free for those that care to read.

And if you don’t believe me – just scroll back to the email (you’ll be doing it a while, hehe) where I once mentioned getting to the point where I’d knock out perfect pull-ups, 100 per workout, and yet, when I got back to pushups?

10 of them made my “lower lats” or what not so sore that I couldn’t lift my arm up to shower!

Proof enough, me thinks …

Anyway, if you’re suffering from back pain remember one last thing – STRETCHING.

The isometric stretches in Isometric and Flexiblity Training are GREAT for the back – the bridge I’ve taught you there, and in other books being NUMBER ONE!

Do these, and you’ll feel better almost instantly.

And if you do the BEST darn exercise ever, which “makes people feel better than anything else they’ve done before”?

Well, do it, and you’ll see!

And that, my friend is that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I once told Carol that “too much weight on her you know what” may make her “hunch forward a little”.

She didnt understand, so I asked her (always the tactful person) if her bra size had gone up.

she didnt understand the word “bra”.

Then I used the word “breast”.

“Don’t ask me that!” she tittered, half shocked, half “you know what”.

But it’s a very REAL reason for “hunching forward” for ladies, especially those that don’t exercise!

Same thing for humungous Glyn Schofield like man tits and massive bellies that strain the back musculature no end, and hence why I rant up a STORM about it in Animal Kingdom Workouts.

On a closing note, remember the old Chinese saying “Ren Pang Qiu Dian

Fat man have small penis.

Laugh all you like, but there is a reason why they say that – including the one about “Confucious says man on toilet is ….?”

High on pot.

OK, I’m being facetious here – but you get my point in terms of the weightloss!

PPS – Rocky’s joke was and will always be best in terms of bad jokes i.e .why do cows wear bells? BEcause the horns don’t work. LOL.

PPS #1 – And yes, ladies CAN do pushups – many of them in the book CAN be done by you ladies, especially handstand pushups and the ones “on your back” as it were!

(no inane jokes please)