Why opening those “TOUGHIE hard to open” jars is EASY PEASY for me
- And how it can be for you too.


And how it can be for YOU TOO!

This morning, I pried open a jar that had “pickles” or something, I dont know, I’ve no idea but it’s been there for ages “sitting around”.

(I guess that alone tells you two things – not much pickle running around in China, except the knock offs of Indian pickle, and two, I generally don’t eat much pickle even when eating Indian food …)

More the Tabasco (red hot!) guy I am, hehe.

Bruce once made the comment about some super hot Jalapeno peppers as in

“You might be able to swallow a 100 Tabascos down like beer!”

But apparently THAT pepper he was referring to was SUPER HOT!

Flames out ass and fumes out mouth kinda hot …

I laughed.

(this was when I was 19).

“Eat Indian food first, and you’ll never worry about other spicy stuff!”

Which is true.

Indian food, for one, can be incredibly spicy. I remember a time my wife (in 2013) once made me “chili vegetable” and that damn dish was SO DAMN HOT I Couldn’t even eat it!

Until then I remember a certain Coop De Ville’s that had spiced up their hot chicken wings no end – it was so spicy, that as the then girlfriend said, “my boyfriend can’t even eat it!” as being the spiciest of the spiciest!

Anyway, all this spice aside, back to jars.

Those hard to open jars.

Those glasses stuck inside each other.

Those “metal” thingies – the old fashioned ones you gotta TWIST apart.

And more.

All of this until a few years ago, YES, even when I did 500 pushups daily (for a while) was TOUGH For me.

You might think I’m indirectly pimping Gorilla Grip here.

Which I am. As I opened the jar today, Gorilla Grip! were the words that came to mind – and mouth!

But I remember a friend (one time) Charles, the same guy who could barely hang on to the chinning bar, let alone do a chin-up after years of trying – the same guy who complained about a storm about my post on pull-ups that wasn’t even aimed at him, didnt even mention him “just because the truth HURTS” – once mocking me about grip.

“You’re the guy they call when something needs to be opened!”

I guess he meant legs, hehe.

I still remember him saying it in public.

“Rahul drills ….” (I best not go there, but he made that comment too!)

But anyway, drills etc aside, the point is simple.

What exactly is wrong with BEING that sort of guy?

The guy that has an insane kung fu like grip that pulls men three times his size and weight over?

The guy with an unnatural pull to his grip – the guy that knocks out pull-ups easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

Is there anything WRONG with it?

I’d say there is something very wrong with NOT being one of the above, and stubbornly sticking to the “weights and weights alone give you a good grip and fingers like iron pliers”.

No they don’t. Not like certain bodyweight exercises done for high reps do.

Ask Dangerous Dan for one (remember, he recieved the Presidential Medal of Freedom too in addition to ALL his other VERY SOLID accomplishments, numero uno being promoting American Wrestling – the REAL stuff, not the WWE shebang for what it is – real man stuff!) . . . who did fingertip pushups galore to build his grip up.

Or, Bert Asserati, the one armed handstands at a mammoth and muscular 250 lbs or so …

Or, yours truly that never train the grip directly with grippers, “forearm wrist rollers” and the like …

Or, any of the DOERS.

The sort of training I do – and what I advocate in ALL my books, will build a grip like cast iron without you even realizing it, my friend.

And for more, simply delve deeper into the exercises, and you’ll discover the magic, my friend.

Yes, you will!

Start right here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – There is a reason why the DOERS RAVE about fingertip pushups, and some of the variations on this I teach you in Pushup Central – truly never seen before variations. Get on the program NOW, and you’ll SEE.