What would Henry Ford do?
- Yes, it relates!

Every time , my friend (and I’ve been thinking about telling you this for a while now) – I’m faced with a tough situation – problem – or something – two things pop into mind.

First, if you’re Harry Houdini, then there’s always a way.

And most of us can be- I’ve proven it time and time over again in situations that most would deem nigh impossible to get out of or overcome or better or what not.

Second, here is the thought that comes to mind.

“What would Henry Ford do?” 

Or, these days, it’s becoming “What would Jeff Bezos do?”

I’ve no doubt Bezos too when starting out asked himself the same, or similar questions. I’ve no doubt Steve Jobs and the rest did too.

Astoundingly or oddly enough, or maybe not for those with brains, the answer is the same as “what they would do” i.e. what I’d do.

then I just do it.

I dont question “why” Bezos does something after he’s explained why he does it, and the “hows” of it (which he does all the time, but the Bozos globally just don’t get it).

Brings to mind a famous (NOT) Matt Furey one liner that while it hasn’t changed my life “phenomenally” as yet, is a line that might end up doing so in more way than one.

It’s a line most of you have likely not heard.

But in one of his writings, the great man once said the following about sales, marketing and advertising for which he was known best.

(Yes, bodyweight fitness too – there is a reason I credit HIM in the Rolls Royce, not so much because he created those exercises – he did NOT. And he’ll be the first to tell you that too. But he DID bring them to the mainstream, and I’ll never stop giving credit when its due!)

But anyway, point being this – he said when you advertise (I dont remember the exact line) –

“you don’t call in the teeny weeny dicklet owners. You go for the 800 lb Gorilla”.

He didnt say the first line.

He said the second in a different way.

Way I look at it, in that case?

You do what I term pushup as i.e. the BIG DOG of fitness – you advertise, but you do so where the BIG DOGS go.

Move aside Google and the rest.

There is a silent big dog out there lurking right under your nose that most of you will not even notice, yet, it’s responsible for more sales than Google, Shoogle, Yahoo, Wahho, and the rest combined …

It’s also where I accquire most of my new, long term and SERIOUS customers – the DOERS.

Anyway, that aside, how does it relate to fitness?

Well, the first reason is simple, second not so much so.

When you want to lose weight, you dont muck around with idiotic treadmills and the lot – you go for the BIG DOG.

Wanna become a jaguar, my friend – lithe, mean and agile and with an amazing “crushing bite” -(translate to grip in your case) – then train like one.

When you want to build shoulders like the Brahma Bull, then do what the human equivalents do.

When you want advice on fitness, and health in general?

Then listen to one thats been there and done that, one that truly is a “master of his craft”, one that’s truly “not so humble” as it were, and indeed, “an insenstive asshole” (I was just called that) and “rude and arrogant” and “abrasive” . ..

. . . and whose stuff works, flat out works, better than any of the other so called gurus out there, and this brings me to point TWO.

The more important one in my opinion.

When I tell you to do something, and explain why – then just do it my friend.

Dont keep asking”why”.

If you want to build upper body strength like never before, then right now I’m telling YOU to get Pushup Central and get cranking (in addition to the courses linked above) – and I’m telling you this too – you’ll be hard pressed to fin done single course on pushups better than this.

The Bozo once made the comment about “just a book on pushups. How boring!”

Maybe for the Bozos it’s boring.

But Google, or scour, Or Shoogle, or Pogo-le, or what not – you won’t find a course better than this, or even one dedicated to pushups the way I teach.

Simply not out there, my friend.

Point isn’t necessarily to do pushups or not.

Point is, when someone that KNOWS tells you what to do , and why – then you just do it, myf riend.

You don’t muck around wasting time with why’s and wherefore’s unless your a prime Bozo.

And that, my friend, is the point of me telling you this.

Off for my workout soon, but I WILL be back.


Rahul Mookerjee