Unsung HEROES and more …
- I am truly .... MOVED AND INSPIRED!

I truly AM moved and inspired, and not just by the real life tale of heroism (that most Bozos would run away just after READING) that John Walker from the United Kingdom just shared with me …

If you haven’t read that email?


And obviously I was more than effusive in my praise of him, and what he did – why?

Simple. He deserves it!

And one reason I didnt mention?

He’s also one of the most down to earth and humble people you’ll ever “meet” – and most “heroes” and big guys I’ve met (truly big!) are!

Anyway, here is why I Want to share this (again) … his response, first.

Mate, please, I am certainly no hero, I merely reacted to the situation I didn’t have time to think.

To me a real hero would be the firefighter faced by an inferno in front of them, every fibre of their being screaming at them not to go into the blaze, to run in the opposite direction from the fire, not only does the firefighter not run in the opposite direction but they quash their fear and head into the fire all the while cognisant that “this fire could be their last” that my friend is true heroism.

Yes mate, I’ve seen Cliff hanger but I’ve never thought about the similarities between the the two until you pointed it out, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen the movie I’d pretty much forgotten about it.

Truly, my only motive in relating this to you is to underline why I believe that grip training is survival training, you just never know when you’ll need it.

I’ll leave you with this passing thought, how many 20st (280lbs) rock climbers are there? NONE, THEY’RE ALL DEAD!!!

Warmest Regards


Yours truly “moved” – –

Hi Buddy

I don’t mean “hero” as in “glorifying” you. I just mean “hero” as in unsung hero. Like the soldiers in every war that are “sent in by Generals and the moronic politicians”, they DO – yet, does EACH one of them get due credit?

Which man truly knows the privations of another person (as I’m sure you’d agree)? Which man TRULY knows the battles someone else has fought in all ways?

There is reason I ALWAYS give credit where it’s due. Maybe I go overboard sometimes, but I’ve always believed in the more is better concept when it’s deserved (perhaps part of this is all my life I got the exact opposite, so I want to DO the opposite (of what I got) with people that DESERVE IT!) . (but that is just one reason, and not the main reason)

What you did required great courage, and is a prime example of not just why real world training is so important (and why Rahul Mookerjee DOES all this i.e the biz – the main reason I started etc, or one of them) – – but another classic example of reacting under extreme duress and pressure. Such as the “do or die” situations you were referring to I believe in emails (or one of them) prior to this?

THAT is when a man finds out what he is made of – THAT is when the subconscious (for those that know how to to channel it) comes to the FORE.

Believe me, I’ve been in situations similar my whole life, so I know – but this ain’t about me – it’s about you – that was a great story!!

I agree – firefighters, cops, soldiers … even the average “Joe or Jane” sometimes.

Yes, I know and agree with “why” you shared your story – I’m very glad you did – it’s the same reason I shared Sig Klein’s real life story on the Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) page . . .

280 lb rock climbers? Hehe. The guy that complained about pull-ups and not being able to hang on to the bar despite years of trying (and he complains about my grip/pull-up stuff even when I do not mention him or talk to him about it) is about that much, or more, but I dont think he for one has a snowballs’s chance in hell of doing so, and NO, to answer directly?

If you’ll permit, I’ll quote you for once …


(Passed on, but you get the drift!)



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And if you need any more on why I keep prattling on about grip and pull-ups, well, the above should be plenty of reason!