Why site views ain’t all they’re cracked up to be, and the huge, huge illusion of security you get from relying on ONE media (or source of income)
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I was just reading a post (piece) about Chloe Ting, supposedly the current reigning “workout queen” on YouTube.

Obviously judging by the cute picture she put on her website – and the “ripped look” she is promoting (and hey, dont get me wrong – I’ve NO idea how she trains etc – this isn’t a critique of HER so much as the Bozos that claim … ah, but we’ll get into it) a lot of those views are from Nutter Schofields signing up for “free” stuff.

A lady wrote a piece about why she is “so successful ” and has over 120K views on Joo Tube …

All apparently because Chloe does a lot of free stuff, and gives it away.

Now, there aint nothing with giving away in particular.

You on this list know that!

I’ve often said that you give first, and you receive AFTER that – and you often receive a lot more than you bargained for.

And while I don’t do it the way Chloe does (free workout programs apparently) – I give you about 10 x the value you thought you were signing up for when you joined the list via these emails – and then of course the products themselves – worth WAY more than the “Reassuringly expensive” prices they’re priced at (no, the prices wont go down, panic-demic or not).

Now, point of all this?

The lady doing the piece on her (it has the feel of a “quid pro quo” piece, though I could be wrong i.e the writer gets something for mentioning her, she gets the publicity and so forth – and again, if thats the case, no problem from my end!) keeps referring to the “number of views”.

And the free stuff she gives away, and claims she is a roaring success because of those things.


I’ve made NO secret of the fact that “X number of views” dont mean jack shyt unless it translates into real solid PROPORTIONATE income.

I’ve also made no secret of the fact that Joo Tube and these other social “she-dia” platforms with freebie seekers galore ain’t all they’re cracked up to be.

There is a reason I dont use ’em!

There is a reason I dont do free videos on Joo Tube like everyone else is.

(Part of that is because I’m el caveman, admittedly, but the business reason is – it simply ain’t worth it).

…. which brings me to the crux.

ANY TIME I talk about “resounding success”, I’ll talk numbers.

Like X number of … SALES.

Or, X number of contracts coming in from …

Or, I made so and so TODAY – or per month – or whatever.

And none of that is mentioned in the piece I read.

The lady just claims that she makes money off Joo Tube, the views etc, they promote her more, etc etc.

All of which might be very true and probably is.

But here is the crux of what I’m saying.

Relying upon any one external source to promote yourself and make that your mainstay is a massive mistake, especially these social media platforms that de-platform so called celebs from their platforms DAILY.

Instagram. YouTube. Freak-Book. Hell, if Donald Trump can be deplatformed from Twitter – so can you!

A sitting U.S. President …

Admittedly Trump used Twitter a LOT – and it played a huge role in his success, but even HE has his own website now, if you’ve noticed!

And thats why I neither pay attention to so called guru metrics (“I got 124 K views!” ) or any of the other rubbish out there.

End of the day, if I put a picture of a gal out there with “sexy” abs and workout dresses, then, as my wife once told me “years ago” – you can put ANY girl out there in shorts, and people will still watch her for free, hehe.


Can’t fault that logic, and can’t fault the men that do it!

But anyway, I hope this gave you some ‘value’, hehe.

And on that note – thats why I have so many fitness products out there – because it’s truly “no one size fits the bill”.

In fact, and ideally, most people do great not just by staying on one program (sure, you should do that but once you’ve done it a while) – but a COMBO of many different programs.

Pushups one day.

Sprints the next.

Maybe a quick home based squat workout the next …

And, so it goes.

So she goes, hehe.

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee