Why Jair Bolsonaro and Donald Trump (OF COURSE!) had it spot the EFF on (and those of us with BRAINS too)
- My oh my, the panic!

I dont know if anyone noticed it, but the plague from China has returned with a venegeance – oddly enough, around the exact time countries locked down fully last year is what is starting to happen again THIS year.

Oddly enough, both years, Chinese New Year was downplayed big time.

Oddly enough, ALL the festive seasons – no matter in which country – the plague miraculously seems to “abate” a few weeks before, and return right during it.

I dont believe in coincidence, period, but the Bozos – globally – seem to hav ebought into the mess that the CCP wanted them to.

Hook, line and sinker.

Do we ever see any one talking about FITNESS – and how this damn thing doesnt generally strike people in good health (and even if it DOES, 9 out of 10 people that get it usually have a pre existing health condition)?

Do we see ANYONE, except those of us with brains (I’d put myself right in that bracket – I’ve been saying this since Jan 2020!!) – and Donald Trump – and the Brazilian Prez Bolsonaro (though even he hasn’t said it openly) criticize the people that actually DID this to the whole world??


Hell even the CHO (WHO) has come out and said now that China is withholding evidence, not allowing access etc!!

Yet, this inane trend of lockdowns and restrictions continues. Not to mention this vaccine mania – and from what I read today (though it’s somewhat old news) 15 millions doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine in the US Of A have to be destroyed for not meeting quality standards or what not.

Apparently the supervisors are so over worked that when confronted, one guy snapped back “do you want me to make the drugs or do quality checks?”

Well, can’t say I blame him.

These vaccines take AT LEAST 3-5 years to be rolled out – AFTER exhaustive testing, and this hasty “push through” in less than a year?

Was bound to be fraught with issues.

But of course, how dare I say it.

How dare I rail against masks and the panic, and how dare I want the world in general to get back to normal.

Most of all, how dare I say that the LOCKDOWNS are what is ruining the global economy – something the Bozos are unable to see apparently.

Anyway, the Brazilian President said th efollowing about the plague from China –

(My daughter once called it the COVID – I told her NOT to. I mean, Jesus, Corona is my favorite beer – I sure dont want to associate Corona with the Kung Flu!

“I saw some recent research that those who have a healthy lifestyle are eight times less likely to have problems with Covid,” he said. “You lock people at home… what does he do at home? I doubt they haven’t increased their weight a little, from last year to this year.”

“Even I grew my belly a little bit,” he joked.

Of course, he was lambasted in the press as being “genocidal” for saying this.

Much like yours truly is for saying it like it is – remember that LONG list of names?

And much like the Trumpinator is …

Truly, saying it like is attracts a ton of criticism, but so BE it.

I for one ain’t gonna stop calling people out on their bullshit.

And healthwise, what the Brazilian Prez said is SPOT ON.

Focus on your health – both mental and physical – and you’ll be just fine most likely.

That, oddly enough is what people are NOT doing at home, getting more and more panicky “woe betide me” and screaming doom and gloom from the rooftops.

People would do well to remember Claude Bristol and the sage words he referred to in the Magic of Believing.

As we think so we are.

And that, my friend is that.

Remember the 30% discount we’ve got going on.

Remember that NOW, more than any other time is when YOU need to be investing in YOUR health – if just to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the near future – which looks to be unpredictable and “last man standing” to be honest!

It’s coming – mark my words.

Best you can do is stay – prepared!

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushup Central has been getting a lot of rave reviews as of late, and in the coming days I’ll be sharing more – stay tuned!

PS #2 – I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Mucho respect to the BEST damned President EVER in history – Donald J Trump – for having the BALLS to say it like it is from the get-go – and stick to his convictions NO MATTER WHAT!


(and in my book, he’d STILL be President if not for the … ah, I know. How dare I!)