The “secret shaminiac” way to RELAXING at a deeper level after a ROUGH DAY! (or lots of writing, hehe).
- Or, a tough day at the OFFICE.

Well, well, well.

I’ve been scarce today, haven’t I?

At least by own very prolific emailing standards .. . (most of you are likely still catching up on emails from DAYS ago, as opposed to yesterday or a couple of days ago).

Anyway, my “client application” was accepted in a dream this morning – almost a lucid one, but not really.

I woke up, and got to work.

8000 or words later, and a couple of solid hours later – Im done with yet another course – except it ain’t fitness related, and it truly is a “shamianic way to super pain and pleasure” if that makes sense!

Pain and pleasure!

And on that note, what did I do right after putting my course out?

I did my own variant of “pain and pleasure” – or I should say, whats painful for MOST initially – for the first coupla seconds.

After which you start relaxing into such utter bliss and relaxation, that, my friend you’ll wonder why you didnt do this before, or KNOW these techniques before.

I did techniques straight out of … you got it.

Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Some of what I did ASIDE from that – was hang from a chinning bar for a minute, and hold a handstand for half a minute.

That 1:05 is enough not just to hammer most people, but give them the static workout of their lives.

And then of course, I finished off with the special squat I teach you in the book.

A squat that is truly a “shamianic squat”, has benefits that go beyond the profound – super spiritual – and a squat that pretty much takes care of any and all digestive problems on its own.

I feel great.

I’m off for a good meal soon.

ANd I’ll talk to you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The course you MUST grab along with the above, and this holds especially true for you “office workers and couch potatoes and desk jockeys out there” is this one – Animal Kingdom Workouts. COmbine the two, and you’re well and truly off to the RACES!