When the apes ape you . . .
- Copying, plagiarism and more!

This is going to be a quick one, but I gotta share it with y’all.

Saw the following on Moronic-Cesspot-In . . . (I’ll let you figure out the exact social media there).

Some chick was getting upset over people copying someone’s work apparently. (and she ain’t the only one either).

Copying someone is NOT a form of flattery!
It’s theft.

As I’m looking into the copyright section for my upcoming book, I think back to the many posts I see where someone mentions they’ve been copied. A post, word for word. Or worse, an entire training or method is passed on by someone else, who changed nothing else but their name.

Of course, you can get inspired by others, and then give it your own insight and experience. Or when you want to share something word for word, just share the post so that everyone sees who it’s from.

Do you think copying is a compliment?

Well …

I think I’ve addressed this a lot before, and why those being persistently copied should take it as a huge compliment, why the idiots doing so are doomed to fail, and why you can make some BIG money off people copying your stuff (and even trying to cheat you by “passing your stuff on for free”).

So I won’t start again, but just a couple of things that are applicable here.

First, plagiarism, and people copying stuff I’ve written – or things I do in my daily life – and then very vehemently denying they got it from me (and when I show them proof, they harrumph and run away) is common for me.

Initially I used to get upset over it – now?

I laugh at it – even welcome it.

Because if you know what you’re doing, you can make some serious MONEY off these fools.

Por Ejempelo, one of my non fitness books was actually put on one of those file sharing sites a couple of years back.

It was one of the more popular ones amongst the 80 or so books (just in that vertical) I’ve put out.

And till date, that book – which until then hadn’t really made a lot of sales – remains the most popular one in my arsenal, without me doing any real conscious marketing for it (I do market it, but not as much as you’d think, or near as much).

Even 0 Excuses Fitness was for a short while put on one of those sites by some idiot before I complained and had it taken down.

But really, people complaining about this need to think about one other aspect.

Look at all the movies that are pirated out there, for one.

I dont think their stars are losing sleep over being pirated?

Piracy hurts the industry, sure. But it also makes sure you get a whole new set of eyeballs watching your work, who whether you might think or so may buy from you down the line and usually DO buy.

I’ve watched movies on “DVD rip” or what not, and then seen the exact same damn movie in the theater. Or, bought a DVD! (a $18.something original for Get Carter back in the day in 2001 was one memory – of course, that DVD didnt work outside the US, so in China it was back to bootleg, hehe.)

So, thats something to bear in mind

Second, and more importantly, giving credit.

Where it’s due.

I believe I go the other extreme in this regard.

I dont shy away from mentioning people I learned from – those that inspired me – those that didnt – the wackos – Bozos – everything.

I let it all hang out.

Hell, it’s all there in the open on my sales pages, in my books and presentations, even the videos, and Bozo Schofield even made it to the second Volume of Fitness Pioneer for his pioneering trolling techniques (not really – hehe – tried, tested and REJECTED techniques – and plus I only mention him in one line) . . .

Does it hurt sales?

Any  ?

Not a lick, my friend.

Not a lick.

My most trolled courses are Gorilla Grip and Pushup Central, and Animal Kingdom Workouts is making its way up those charts, in ALL regards. Hehe.

And I’m loving it.

And my response to the lady – oh, before that  – remember that discount we got going on – 30% – get in now because it won’t last forever.

Personally, I’d take it as a compliment and use their “copying” to put more dollars in my pocket. Hehe. I do it all the time when getting copied/aped by idiots that won’t even give my material credit in terms of where it comes from.

I’ve never understood why people do that by the way, as if someone inspires me, even if I didnt “copy” anything from them in any way, shape or form I freely credit them in my books and courses.

Small minded are the sort of people who just steal, plagiarize and wonder why they ultimately aren’t getting anywhere. To put it another way, you can try and duplicate Mozart, or any of the greats all you want, but you’l never be the original.

The key is to be YOU, which makes you UNIQUE – unfortunately although everyone reads about this, precious few have the guts to truly do it. Thats my $0.02 on it, anyway!

And that, my friend is that.


Rahul Mookerjee