The boobybuilder who wanted a “back shape” like mine!
- Yet, that wasn't what it brought to mind for me.

Last year, around May or so, I saw a boobybuilder.

A great guy, actually, but a self confessed boobybuilder that spends I believe at least three hours in the gym daily (and he’s actually one of the guys that DOESNT miss, as opposed to  the majority of Joes that get (and Jane’s) fitness memberships that lie mostly UNUSED).

And when I met him, entirely by chance, I was struck by his massive size – and aesthetics as well.

For a change, this dude didn’t look to be a bloated mess, but he was HUGE.

Those shoulders, broad chest and the traps (well, to an extent) stood out the most, but it was the shoulders that really did it.

He gave me the once over after exchanging initial pleasantries, and I could tell the question was coming before it reached his lips.

I’ve had it happen so often!

“You must be going to the gym here”, he offered. 

“Never”, I said. “I dont go to Gyms at all!” 

“Oh”, he said. “But … even for a Crossfit guy like you….”and he trailed off. 

“I dont do Crossfit”, I replied laughing. And knowing a boobybuilder wasn’t exactly the best person to try and convince of my stuff (not that I’d want to anyway – to each his own) – I tried changing the topic.

“What is the name of the …”

He wasn’t having none of it.

“But your back is built!” 

I shrugged. Can’t win ’em all!

Yes, I said. “I do a lot of bodyweight etc”.

Now, this guy was MASSIVE, but – and I didnt notice this before – from the back, he looked “nowhere near as big” as from the front.

His legs were decent sized, but nothing compared to the shoulders.

Good genetics, and I can only wonder the Tyson like legs he’d have if he did some serious leg work too!

But anyway …

Rather than “praise myself on the X shape to my back”, what this brought to mind at the time for me was the case of the 26 year old boobybuilder in the pool, supposedly in the prime of his life, that had not one, but two heart attacks before 25 (after which he saw the light) and even a year later, doing a GENTLE breadth – ONE time- across the pool left him winded for 10 minutes.

That was years ago.

I was fat – somewhat – at the time.

Yet, I couldn’t believe the shape this guy was in externally – and internally – a total mess in terms of the latter!

And he was pretty forthright about it too, which is great.

Great to see more and more people’s eyes “opening” as it were, if not for the dazzling bright light you should eventually say (thats a Claude Bristol special, and way over the import of this email).

But really, my friend.

This more than anything else proves the adage of train for HEALTH first – and looks shall follow.

Do it the other way around, and you’ll turn into a mess, which unfortunately is what most people end up choosing.

And funny part, one of the best exercises to get that shape for the back isn’t even pull-ups, as you might think.

Time for the pimp then – check it out HERE.

And I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That is step #1. Step #2 is here, and if you’re really advanced – go here for #3.

(And I’ll be coming out with one arm work and FREEstanding too on this later this year – super advanced!)