Why I prefer being a LAZYASS over all else.
- Amen to me, and us, hehe

But first, my lazy man workout today!

As I sit here wheezing and geezing like an old lady being asked to push a Mack truck up a hill (or me up a hill with Ann Lee, hehe) – the only difference between me and the old lady, lovely or not, is this.

My muscles aren’t fried

My breathing damn sure IS though.

I’m still panting a good 2.something minutes after the workout, and I wrote to yo ubefore about it, right?

The visualizing part?

Well, let me say two things, both of which should be lesson enough for this here email and you – one, I didnt do 100 to warm up twice.

I got to 150 each time.

Two, I never made it to 1500.

I did 1200 in 9.something minutes flat.

Good, bad, you decide!

Is less more sometimes?

You decide!

Those obvious lessons aside, lets get back to being a lazyass – and why most people simply cannot comprehend or understand my lifestyle.

Not having an open mind is one reason, of course.

“Sitting at home and making money” is something that SCARES most people at their core, which is why they never do it.

Putting in the hard yards too …

But anyway, lets talk China.

Many people keep asking me “why always China!” (or the Far East).

Well despite its many issues, my friend, the Commies ARE doing something – many things – right.

True, it comes at a price.

But … where else in the world could you wake up in the middle of the night and have four cases of beer delivered to you within 15 minutes flat, with a smile at that?

Where else coul dyou have the guys at the store calling you up about special offers on beer and what not?

More – I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world other than the Far East where parcels ordered online are left at the doorstep without delivery guys clanging doorbells and what not non stop (either that, or at a designated delivery spot where you choose to pick it up – if not, you can choose to get it sent to your house the next day for free anyway).

Where else are stores pretty much open 24 7 – and no, there is no 2 AM limit on serving beer etc?

Where else can you get the best massages for, even with the recent price rises – dirt cheap?

All of this sounds like “so what” to people I tell them to “apparently they aren’t required”.


Most people would give their left wrist for a lifestyle like that lived in a place like that – they just won’t admit it!

More …

What exactly is wrong with the idea of living life a WILD CAT?

When you work (hunt) – do so QUICK – and so rapidly no-one notices.

Stun your prey, go “home” – and EAT.

Job well done, after which you can do the cat thing and stare into space for hours or what not …

What exactly is RIGHT about the “life’s meant to be dreary and a bore and a grind until you die” mentality?

I cannot for the life of me find one reason to support the latter, while the former is how we as human beings were meant to.

Live, work and train like a wild cat my friend – you’ll be a lot happier, I’ll tell you that!

And for more on the workouts that do it for me “wild cat” style where I’m reinvigorated and writing to you now – Jump Rope Mania! is the ticket, my friend.

There’s a reason all the greats do this activity, so check it out now.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’m starting to sweat like a racehorse too, so Im out!