The jump rope workout that WOKE me up this morning
- As it should!

I woke up this morning, somewhat groggy.

Thoughts somewhat disjointed.

Thinking of this, thinking of that, a dream I just had – trying to decipher it.

One of the less “lucid” ones it was …

Drank my tea. Green tea. Steaming hot!

And stared at the computer for a while, not for lack of something to write to you, but just “because” if you get my drift.

Then I made a quick decision.

Grabbed the rope.

Set the living room in order. There’s stuff everywhere, it seems!

Moved my heavy clubs I occasionally train with, and am writing a book about (I know, that loong wait!) to the side.

Once I had space, I jumped straight into it.

100 jumps.

Got the blood flowing, easy peasy.

Let the heart calm down.

Did another set of the same.

Before I knew it, I was at 500, and RARING to go.

I did.

Advanced jumps – as taught in Jump Rope Mania!

And before I knew it, 15 minutes were over, and I was at around 1500 jumps which given I haven’t jumped rope in ages is not bad at all.

And my brain fog has all but dissipated, and I’m sitting here, writing this to you – or am I?

I’m actually writing this to you BEFORE my workout which I’m about to go do now.

This email here contains two very valuable tips, and I’ll tell you one NOW.

That “going through your workout” mentally is one of the best things you can do for yourself, along with making sure you did what you had to – and is one of the Commandments of Physical (or any) Success in the Rolls Royce of Fitness.

Which if you’ve been on this list a while, and haven’t got it – many of you have NOT – so take action NOW – you really need to today.

Or NOW, I should say.

One of the best, if not THE best training system you’ll ever use, which will kick your rumpus into solid shape from here to kingdom come(or you decide, hehe. I dont know why that expression came to mind).

And, lets see what else.

The other tip. I’ll talk about that later, but really, you should be able to spot it!

That, and jumping rope is one of the BEST things you can do for yourself.

The greats all did it.

And it’s a workout that YOU can do – even if you’re not a boxer or martial artist.

Thats the great thing about my workouts – you tailor them to your level (actually, I give you the workouts anyway) – and you then just do it.

Perhaps nothing encapsulates this better than the training shown in Jump Rope Mania! which you can do at ANY level and still make great gains.

As for my own workout, I’m about to go do it now – but I’m pretty sure I’ll have a great one.

I’ll talk to you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is the link for Jump Rope Mania! 

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