Why Amazon will always be … AMAZON and why Rahul Mookerjee will, at the core, remain who he IS
- Yes!

A lot has been made of Amazon, and it’s reliability, and yours truly has been very vehement about the FACT – Jack, that you can damn near set a clock by Amazon no matter where in the world you’re at, so damn reliable it is!

And in today’s increasingly unreliable world, and indeed it’s a principle of business that has stood the test of TIME in general – reliability is one massive reason people dont talk about that Amazon is where it is today (plus the customer service, but reliability is huge too).

I’ve also made no bones about the fact that while I detest working with (not for) companies in general, Amazon is the one large company I’m happy to work with, despite the occasional glitches they have (especially with books etc).

At the end of the day, I know two things.

If I bring a legit gripe up – and if I email Jeff about it (assuming the initial customer service guys can’t resolve the issue) – it not only will be looked at by a HUMAN BEING – but it will be resolved to my (the customer’s) satisfaction.

I’ve dealt with Amazon for years, and there has never ever been ONE instance where this was proven to be wrong.

If Amazon says something, they’ll do it.

If Amazon says they’ll deliver by a certain time, it’ll happen, come rain, hail, sleet or snow (one time it was pouring like the Dickens, but the Amazon guy still managed to show up, half soaked!).

One of my great customers made the financial comparison between Jeff Bezos and myself a few days ago.

“The only reason you aren’t as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your workouts, and say F – that! It’s too tough for most people, but GREAT to aspire to!”

He then went on to tell me the following (again).

“Keep challenging us! Never become a pussy trainer just to make more money!”


(That was part of a Battletank Shoulders review).

Now, a couple of things.

The financial success your seeing today in terms of Amazon and Bezos himself – well, it wasn’t always this way.

When Amazon started, despite what the neigh sayers neighed, they experienced almost immediate growth and success, but the real money, the big money, didnt come until much much later.

As Bezos himself has gone on record saying, and he’s right.

The success you’re seeing today, and the position you’re seeing amazon in TODAY is the result – the culmination of many YEARS of innovation and sticking to our core values i.e. the customer always comes FIRST.

True dat!

When you invent something, and years later people think about it and yawn – that, my friend, is the biggest success an inventor can get.

True again!

There was no concept of online delivery of anything, especially books – before Amazon started.

And as Bezos himself says, sticking to his CORE principles is really what made him the resounding success he is today.

Yours truly may or may not reach that financial level someday, but you can bet your bottom dollar my workouts won’t get any easier.

Profound Handstands is proof enough of that.

You can also bet your bottom dollar – that the books, marketing etc won’t be any different. (and I’ll probably be even crankier and “hammering the Bozos” as it were, hehe).

If anything, it’ll be “Grandi style” back to basics – even more so!

That dont mean I don’t love money.

Sure I do.

But over all, I love who I AM – I always have!

This has created plenty of friction, of course, between the majority that hate me and the white hot core that supports me and follows me.

The idiots and the doers, I should say.

So be it!

I dont plan on changing any time soon, hehe.

The best for the best, as I like to say (I got that from Training Day)

And of course on that note time to pimp my BEST book ever, or damn near.

IT’s hard to choose – there are so many, and the list keeps growing.

(Hell, if you were on the OTHER site with 80 plus books, you’d be wondering what I’m going on about here, hehe).

But anyway, here’s Animal Kingdom Workouts – a book you simply must have to blast past any current obstacles you might have in your training – to improve rep counts in other exercises – to get better at damn near everything you do including SEXUAL performance (yes!) – and pretty much a must have book anyway.

Youll truly reach “elite” and super human status with the revolutionary exercises and workouts “never seen before” in this book – so get it NOW.

Back soon, I’m sure!


Rahul Mookerjee