What an ex -cop from NYC had to say about Pushup Central
- And handstand pushups!

I’ve often made no bones about the fact that HANDSTAND pushups, my friend are the bomb – and the secret key to making upper body gains that you never thought of – and that people (especially the gym goers) complain about being “dangerous” or “too easy” (interesting how they use both in the same breath huh)? – and yet CANNOT do.

An exercise that is the cornerstone of Shoulders like Boulders, and Battletank Shoulders, and one that will build Abhrams tank level shoulders in NO time at all.

If you work at it, of course – and if you do the WORKOUTS with the other exercises in it?

Well, watch out.

“These exercises will make you part human, part gorilla!”

Anyway, Charles Mitchell, a long term customer got Pushup Central last year too off Amazon I believe.

And here is what he had to say about THAT book – as well as which book amongst all of mine is his “favorite”.

As I don’t own every one of your books (yet), I can only select from the ones I do own and yes it would have to be Push Up Cental. All the workouts you outline in your books are very tough, but the ones in Push Up Central are absolutely brutal! If I am ever able to conquer any of them before I go to my grave, then I will know that I have done something truly epic with my life (LOL).

What is interesting about this choice for me is that my favorite type of push up is really the Handstand Pushup and yet I chose Pushup Central because of what I believe is a higher degree of difficulty in the workouts.

This is why I like your books. Your training is not for pussies and I doubt there are many who can accomplish even the easiest of your workouts right from jump street.

Yours truly –

Hey Charles

Thanks for getting back to me! Yeah, I’ve been to NYC before – didn’t really like it (way too much congestion for one, but then again, China’s the same even in the SMALL cities, lol) . . . but I’ve lived in NY state (Schenectady) – and I LOVED IT up there! Lots of memories, including pulling off the wrong Exit or something on a highway back in the day – – and landing up in the Albany hood without a gun, lol. Of course, gun laws there are so damn restrictive thanks to “Jackass Cuomo” and the lot (note how he’s being called out by his own party these days!) that the criminals all have ’em, but the law abiding folks dont.

Reminds me of a hilly area somewhere close to where I lived where even the cops were leery about going there, because the criminals just had so many damned weapons and the public didnt. . .

Now my favorite is Texas and the deep South (it ain’t no coincidence I’ve been called a “Texas cowboy” lol) (or a “hombre” haha) . . . you won’t see criminals doing what they do up North with impunity down there!!

Anyway, as an “ex Man in Blue” you know all this already. Haha.

YES – Pushup Central is indeed brutally effective as you can tell – and as others have pointed out too. And NO, my training will never ever be for pussies, hehe. You know that much!

Cheers – and thanks for being a great customer and a DOER – you guys make all of this worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee (PS – And a great discount is waiting for you too on the books – whichever one you want to buy next that is – let me KNOW – and we’ll make it HAPPEN!)

Well my friend, that is that – oh, but before I go …

An ass clown (I won’t name him) on the list complained about my “responses to emails” being too verbose.

Why can’t you say it shortly” was the “short” email I got from him – and I’m not going to dignify it with a response for obvious reasons, but really, dude.

First it’s how dare he speak English, then how dare he sell, then how dare he write books, then how dare he sell books, then how dare he write long emails to his long term customers and friends …

Jesus, Man.

And I thought the CCP in China was overbearing!

Lawdy, as they’d say. LOL.

But really …

His favorite is the handstand pushup (I’m talking about Charles here). And Pushup Central does cover the handstand pushup, but it’s just ONE of the exercises there in (the 55 or so variations ont he pushups).

The REST is what he is referring to as super tough, all done on TWO limbs – ON the floor – HARD TRAINING – HARD STYLE!

Believe me, these workouts will make a man out of you – even if you think “they’re just pushups or too easy”.

Get on the train NOW, my friend. You’ll find out what brutally effective REAL MAN (and world) training is all about!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another brutally effective and possibly my best ever book? Animal Kingdom Workouts. Truly – join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS!