What the movie “Jannat” has to do with FITNESS
- YES!

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia!

The movie Jannat, my friend, released in 2008 (and it instantly became a superhit it seems – and rightfully so – because it hit the SPOT – and it touched into what people – the youth then and NOW FELT in India) – has always been one of my favorites.

I watched in the movie theaters with my then girlfriend. Little did I know that … HA!

But anyway, the songs of the movie. Classic!

And remember, this is coming from a guy who does NOT watch movies in general – especially NOT Bollywood – but yet, I’ve made it a point to watch ALL of Emraan Hashmi’s movies after that.

And some of them feel like it was “me” in the movies.

The guy in Jannat felt like me – right down to visualizing the way he does, and then it comes true!

Then there was another movie “Awarapan” which was released around 2004 or so – curiously enough, when I first went to China.

It was based in Hong Kong – back in the day!

Oh my. Every time I watch that movie now (which ain’t often) it brings BACK – so many memories!

Tsim Tsa Shui. The Buddisht monasteries at Po Lam and I believe, and of course that mighty and mostly UNTAMED hill at Nong Ping I climbed all those years ago, and Hong Kong Police helped me find!

Truly some of Asia’s finest the HK police are – until the CCP put them between a rock and a hard spot. I feel the HK police. I really do – they’re in a bind between doing what they want to – and what they can’t (for now).

But anyway, these movies bring back so many memories.

And in Jannat (the movie which instantly endeared Emraan Hashmi as a stellar, and one of the BEST damn actors out there to be honest – he’s REAL) – the lead guy is Hashmi, a wannabe who THINKS big – and thinks he’s anything BUT a wannabe.

And this wanabe doesn’t chase money – or well, sometimes he does – but mostly, he plays for the thrill of it.

He doesnt care about the tomorrow, or even the today.

He lives in the flow.

Eventually, due to a turn of events which involves a stunningly gorgeous woman showing up in his life – he makes a boatload of money. MORE than he ever imagined, but consciously he always thought about it – and the thought penetrated through!

But anyway, thats one of my favorite movies. Every time I think about it, a tinge of nostalgia SHIVERS through me, if I might say so!

And anyway … fitness wise, thats the same way I feel about a lot of my products.

I’m sitting here right now, picturing how it was when it ALL started.

When I first wrote Fast and Furious Fitness … and did NOT have the confidence to sell. Not well enough, at least!

(Strange how it works, eh. Years before that, I sold like a motha at that job, and yet when I started my OWN thang … )

Then when 0 Excuses Fitness was born when I was fresh off reading Psycho Cybernetics, Think and Grow Rich and had nothing but confidence in spades – and sold plenty – but I still had plenty to learn!

And still DO, hehe.

We never stop learning!

But anyway, those products …

Created on my old trusty Toshiba.

The pictures taken out there on the HILL!

The security guards who would often stop what they were doing to take pictures for me. Or, just people in general …

A certain “Tan” comes to mind who took the pictures for Battletank Shoulders!

But anyway, I feel NOSTALGIA – especially when I think of creating the actual 0 Excuses Fitness System, and the videos, and how Cindy miraculously materialized RIGHT BANG ON time to take the videos for the course when I wanted someone to do it, but couldn’t find anyone, and remember, I hadn’t spoken to her for donkey’s years before that.

Truly, when the student is ready – the teacher appears.

When the time is right – things HAPPEN.

And we do so through the MIND.

Much like Hashmi visualized billions pouring into his bank account, onto him and then it happened … the SAME thing holds true for your fitness.

Why not live life in the flow, my friend?

Why not visualize yourself being not just good at pull-ups – but a stud at them?

Why not super stud?

Remember, you can be at ZERO status NOW.

It does’t matter!

You picture what you want enough times, and believe me, you’ll start to move towards it at WARP speed.

And anyway – THAT is the spirit I created and still create all my products.

In the flow.

Nostalgia. And so forth.

And all of it POSITIVE! (too many times nostalgia is tinged with sadness, regret etc- not for me – EVERY nostalgic memory I’ve ever had has been overwhelmingly positive).

There’s a huge backlog – I mean HUGE – of requests from people who’ve asked me for NEW products.

I’m halfway through some.

I’ve started some.

And some are “done” – not on paper – but in my mind!

Yet, none of those are out as yet.

When the time is right, they will be.

And thats what YOU will feel when reading my books, looking at the videos etc – that the time is right – NOW.

My books will not just inspire you to be the best – they will inspire you to be BETTER than you ever were.

More than that though, you’ll feel the SPIRIT in which I wrote the books.

FREE. UNFETTERED. Flying with the wind!

Thats how 0 Excuses Fitness, and ALL my great books were written my friend. You’ll feel it!

And you’ll want to get down to brass tacks and DO.

Thereth lies the equation for SUCCESS.

At anything.

Conceive – believe – then ACHIEVE IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The course on isometrics has been flying off the shelves lately – be sure and take a look right HERE. Truly never before seen secrets in this book (and they’re exactly what the old timers used, and I go beyond that. No “just pushing” the wall – although believe me, that sort of simple stuff is exactly what builds mammoth muscles!).