What Bender Blowfield can teach YOU about life and fitness
- Even in the depths of MUCK, there exists that LESSON!

Some of you, especially the newbies on this list have been asking me about the Bozo.

“Just who does this guy think he is” was a comment I got a while ago.

“Typical twat” was another comment I received from a reader in the (oddly enough, both of these from) the UK.

And I’ve explained to people the “who” of who the Bozo is, but lets get into the lesson.

His inane and BIZARRE rants aside, and his even more bizarre style of trolling aside – lets look at what he “does”.

Por ejempelo, the situation with the girl “Josie”, and him going on a bender and sending her messages about “I want to be your slave” and then when she (obviously!) says WTF and blocks him, he goes to the other extreme (Mr Hyde emerges, I believe) and becomes abusive to an EXTREME from the first angle (so called submissive to a T).

Supposedly the perfect “submissive”. HA!

For those not in the know, thats all “50 shades of Grey” related fetish, and I’m not going to get into that and the why’s and wherefore’s on THIS list, but lets just say “being dominated” is a very common fantasy many people HAVE.

It’s interesting, I’ve written books on that – tons of ’em …

But anyway, lets not delve into the why’s of fetish here, but look at what the Bozo does.

When confronted about this, his response was “No way! I dont do all that nasty stuff!”

And the way he said it – so vehemently “at being found out” – it hit the SPOT – that I knew I was right, hehe.

Normally when you look at the Bozo, he’s calm as calm can be.

The nicest Dr Lecter you could ever go to for treatment …

You would never in your wildest dreams imagine the pyscho that lurks beneath, ready to SPRING out at a moment’s notice, and it often DOES as I’ve mentioned.

Same thing with nuts in general. Outwardly, they’re cuddly and lovable (ugh!) but inwardly?

Yellow toothed sabres and Frankensteins exists, or worse. Vampires!

Yet, even in the depths of pure, UNADULTERATED MUCK, a LESSON, and a very valuable one exists …

Point being this.

He WANTS something, yet he “knows” he cant get it.

Subconsciously though, he keep wanting it.

Consciously he’s always thinking one destructive or negative thought or the other, even when he’s with people he says are “friends”.

Always in the porn rooms and what not …

So guess what he feeds his subconscious.

Negativity, doom and gloom and disaster.

He is, my friend, unconsciously using the power of the subconscious for what it SHOULD NEVER be used for i.e. to “wish evil upon others”.

Which is basically the Bozo’s motto in life.

And thats great, but he’s forgetting what the cardinal rule of the Universe is, my friend.

Claude Bristol warned against this in the Magic of Believing.

“Never use the astounding power for evil purposes, as it will boomerang and come back to destroy you, as it has for centuries”.

(Paraphrased, but that is the gist)

He was right.

And guess why the Bozo is “always in hospital” or as a friend recently said “always a step away from being homeless” and so forth . ..

I often say “do good, and you’ll get good”.

Cast bread upon the water, and it shall be “repaid” or returned.

Maybe from a source you never imagined, but the law holds true for doing good – and BAD – both.

And remember, as Emerson wrote about in the Laws of Compensation.

“This exchequer deals in compound interest, and like shall be returned to you – with compound interest at that!”.

“If you serve an ungrateful Master, then serve him more!”

And he wrote all of this in much more flowery terms, but thats the gist, and point I BE getting at is this.

YOU – my friend – can do what the Bozo does – except in a POSITIVE manner.

Wanna get good at pull-ups?

MAke yourself BELIEVE you can get good at them first!

Wanna make a ton of dough – more than you’ve ever done before?

Then SEE yourself doing it first, and keep seeing it until the subconscious does too!

This, my friend is a HUGE, huge key that is often ignored.

We often think conscious effort is what moves mountains.

True, practice is super key.

But if you think about the wrong things while practicising, and picture negativity, then all the practice in the world won’t keep you away from that negativity.

As Dr Maltz said in his book, your “ability to achieve” can be pictured as such (he wrote about the self image which you can NEVER rise above) – an elastic band.

It can stretch, sure, but eventually it’ll snap back to its original position, unless that band is expanded in a different manner other than “brute force” (conscious thought).

So thats the lesson, bro.

Picture it first, and pay attention to the THOUGHTS going on in your mind – and THEN embark upon any journey – losing weight included.

And thats really all there is to it.

(and do so with crass and deep emotion like Bender Bee does, but do so in a positive sense, and you’ll be amazed at how things FLOW for you).


Rahul Mookerjee

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PPS – What do “benders” have to do with this you might ask? Well, the Bozo is inhibited normally in his pathetic little life, but once he gets trashed – oh – BOY. Of course, he’s too much of a pussy to actually be a REAL MAN and say things to people face to face, so he trolls from behind a computer, but again, lesson learnt?

Feed the subconscious the POSITIVE.

And let it run UNINHIBITED – without you being on a bender, hehe.

Therein lies the key.

And this email, my friend is VALUE beyond what you can ever imagine as well – truly is. Pick up Zero to Hero for more!