More reasons on why a chinning bar is an absolute MUST in every home
- More than the obvious

Now, when I say this – you might be thinking “here he goes again about pull-ups”.

Or, we know why.

That being, you can keep “greasing the groove” as it were if you want to …

You can keep getting mini workouts in if you want to.

If the someone we all know and laugh at is reading this, puh — leeessse. LOL. Not THAT workout or greasing THAT groove, ugh.

But other than all the obvious, bro, what I’m talking about is this.

MOST, if not all doorway chinning bars are installed in a very narrow area.

In my first apartment in China, when I finally did get a chinning bar (the story of what I did BEFORE that is detailed in 0 Excuses Fitness!!) – it was a slim grip one.

No “fat boyz” to grip on the bar unlike what I have NOW.

And it was installed in my bedroom doorway.

I could do a set as many times as I wanted, but curiously enough I didnt really hammer them back then.

Remember, those were my semi-fat days …

And when I used to lift weights, and get the life sucked out of me every day and grow fatter and more miserable in certain regards by the day before Ann Lee showed up to WHIP my RUMPUS, hehe.

Literally – that hill whipped my ass into SHAPE!

But the most important benefit isn’t any of the above.

Its this – the limited space FORCES you to do ’em PROPERLY.

You swing too much, and you bang either your knee or chin against something.

Lots of bangs and rumpuses here. Sorry, Bozo Schofield, I couldn’t resist. But this isn’t about you, hehe.

Truly isnt’. This is for the STUDS and SUPER STUDS who do pull-ups, not wank around eating BBQ they dont pay for and are bloated messes.

But anyway – THAT is the overriding reason, I’d say.

Not only that – they force you to do regular grip pull-ups which are great for the delts, and all too often ignored.

And believe me, if you get good at pull-ups at home first – real good – doing them on the bars outside will be a veritable breeze.

Not necessarily so the other way around.

Trust me, there is a reason I “rant” about FORM so much in the initial book on pull-ups!

Anyway, these are valuable tips not mentioned in that book – and I’m putting them out here for YOU on this list.

As for the rest of the deal,  grab the book – and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Also, remember to pick up Pushup CEntral by far the BEST and one and ONLY course of it’s kind on “just pushups” hehe.