Why nothing beats DOING THE THING
- Indeed. . .

I’ll never forget the times when my daughter – when she was getting good at pull-ups and chin-ups – or I should say, when I was TELLING her to get good at them, like she is at handstands.

For some reason, the pull-up doesn’t hold much attraction for her, as yet.

But I remember a six month old doing the monkey bars with me, standing on my chest as she went from rung to rung!

Get ’em started early, hehe.

The other day, my daughter was getting “scolded” at home I believe for her punching strength – WAYYY above her league.

Indeed, some of those punches can hurt adults!

I’ve been on the receiving end quite often too, hehe.

But anyway, pull-ups and BRUTE strength aside (and she doenst even do a lot of them) – – here is the point.

Often times, when complaining about doing ’em (when she started) she’d tell me the following.

“Dad, touch your chest to the pull-up bar! Show me!”

This was said while she was on the dumbphone or what not.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with “showing” anyone anything, especially when the person is learning, and I do plenty of that with everyone I coach.

But there was that “vibe” .

You know what I mean, right ?

Like the people in the park who come and gape at me doing pull-ups – and “can yo do this for us?”

“Can you do that for us?”

Incredibly, many people oblige – especially a lot of foreign devils in China.

This Da Xing Xing just growls and keeps doing his own thing, because guess what.

In most cases, the person is not a DOER.

IF they really wanted to do it, they’d join you and TRY.

But the feeling you get of being a “circus performer” when someone pretends to congratulate you “oh, you’re so good!” – and just stares at you and keeps telling you to “Do this now! Touch your chest here! There!” while they themselves couldn’t hold on to a pull-up bar to SAVE THEIR LIVES – well – not only is it an energy drain – but it’s NEGATIVITY x 10.

Because subconsciously, these same people are JEALOUS.

Or, they’re thinking “I can never do that”.

And of course, if someone makes the mistake of showing them, they’ll scoff.

Scoffer, posers, preeners and Doubting Thomases galore…

“XYZ Booby machine can do that better!” 

OK, maybe it can (though I doubt it).

I SERIOUSLY doubt it!

But even if it could – what about you?

What can YOU do? 

CAN YOU do a pull-up? 

Can YOU (and remember, I’m not asking you on this list – I’m asking the idiots who stand there and make comments etc) – do ANY of the stuff I do? 

Just what gave YOU the right to comment – or “ask me to do this this way” – or tell me “how to do it”? 

Just which power on Earth gave YOU the right to scoff and say “he does that better” when YOU have never done it in your whole life?

Now remember, sometimes the person is just SCARED and overawed – and intimidated – and they dont know how to express it when they see a stud pumping out pull-ups.

Been there, got the T-Shirt, said thank you, and tossed it away. Hehe.

So I understand.

That was the case with my little girl, who I explained all this to.

But in the vast majority of cases adults who do this need one thing – a BOOT to the ass, and a polite (not) warning to MIND their own damned business, and carry on with their flatulence filled “Visit the Notre Dame to get pictures with a bigger hunchback” lives.

Or, as a customer put it for Bozo Schofield (admittedly he never said any of the above, but he’s equally jealous of studs doing pull-ups, hehe) … “in your sorry little life”.


And as I finish that last email on the Law of Practice, I had to write this to you.

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – A wise man once said that “talking about the thing often means it takes the place of doing the thing”. Don’t be a gabber and talker, my friend – someone that runs his or her mouth but ain’t got SHYT to back it up. Be a DOER. Start right here with the Rolls Royce of fitness, truly and ONLY For the REAL AND TRUE DOERS IN LIFE!

PS #2 – And remember, the BEST gift you can give your kids is the gift of lifelong health, strength and FITNESS – from the inside out. Get started right HERE.