“This teacher will succeed!”
- So "she" said!

I just got done with a stretch, my friend. Something so simple that you’d think it’s “beneath me” – but it never is!

The simplest things often work the best – I’ve said that before, and I will CONTINUE to say it till the day I “pass”.

Now, I had an odd dream last night, and this seems to be a good time to tell you about it …

This dream was basically one where I was “teaching”.

I think a group of girls, I’m not sure. Perhaps … I’m telling you “in the flow” “as it happened” (a few hours later).

And one of the things I remember kept telling them in various ways is this – “do the thing”.

Practice. Practice. Practice!

I kept telling them that in emails – talks – everything and it all came to me in unique manners only DREAMS can bring us!

Oddly enough, the thought in my mind upon waking up – and what “one student” said?

THIS teacher will succeed!

There were others, but she pointed at me.

That was an interesting dream – one of many. Perhaps it’s got to do with a current goal I have which is so stupendous that even yours truly goggles on occasions when thinking about it – but deep down inside, I KNOW – I BELIEVE.

And that … well, what does that have to do with you, you might ask.

I dont blame you, hehe.

But hang with me!

(For the newbies on this list, remember – along with updates on fitness, life, motivation for everything, rants about “wives and significant others” (though they’re really all TRUE – even customers have said they agree!) – you will also be getting updates on my dreams and plenty of spiritual stuff too).

Overdeliver while underpromising has been a mantra of mine forever, for as long as I can recall.

Now, here is how this applies to you.

This morning, I woke up and did something I’ve been doing for I think ever since I was born.

Not really, but you get the photo.

I still did it.

I still stretched like a “motha”.

I still felt the BLOOD flowing.

When I did all those hill climbs I keep talking about, day in, day out, I had no idea I’d become the fitness machine I am today (although YES, when I was fat as fock, I still continued to workout, and do pull-ups etc).

When I started rahulmookerjee.com, 0excusesfitness.com, I had NO Idea it would turn into what it is today – but I had a VISION.

Still do.

Ditto for everything else I do.

Visions are damn important, my friend, but there is something that is way more important.

That being, PRACTICE.

I didnt get to where I am with customers calling me the “bodyweight exercise guru” or “a Master of his craft” and such things “because I was born good”.

Or, because I have good genetics (it’s the opposite).

Or, because I was “lucky”. HA!

I got this way due to many reasons, but PRACTICE – and lots of it – and on a daily basis, is what GOT me there.

Lots of idiots ignore this bit of advice, and ignore the value of and sheer rewards PERSISTENCE can bring you!

I keep telling my seven year old this too every time I can.

“If you wanna get good at something, then you HAVE to put in the hard yards, and do so more often than anyone else”.

Do so my friend – even if you’re at what you consider an “advanced” level – and do so daily, and do so more often than anyone else you know, or read about, or hear about.

This ALONE will catapult to levels of success at the “thing you do” that you never believed possible when you started.

Trust me.

As Emerson said, “do the thing, and you shall have the power!”

Remember too, that the little things are NOT beneath you.

True Mastery of ANYTHING is nigh on impossible to obtain, and all the great Gurus and seers over the ages have said that, and yours truly “seer” is telling you NOW, and has in 0 Excuses Fitness as well. There’s a whole CHAPTER devoted to it, actually!

Last, but not least, and as I told Dejon the other day.

I truly HAVE earned the right to talk about and sell – and comment on – and give advice upon – and anything related – what I do here in this and my other businesses.

Because guess what.

I put in the hard yards, and I DID the thing, and I CONTINUE to do it. And like a great customer once said (in different words), I WILL until the day I pass.


And on that note – I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – An idiot recently told me “you keep hanging on the pull-up bar!” Don’t you have anything else to do? This idiot cannot do pull-ups herself, and never could, and a handstand??? Forgetttttttttt about it. And I meet plenty of these moronic idiots daily. Like the guy who demanded to know why I was “working my body and not my brain”. What a joker, eh.

Anyway, remember that the best way to shut up the jokers is again – by doing the thing – and getting so damned good at it that they shut up on auto pilot. Learn how to right HERE.