On instant gratification, and MORE
- "now, now, now!"

We live in a society where “instant gratification” is the name of the day, my friend.

Want a date?

Don’t invest the time required to spend a quality partner, and instead hit Tinder, Shinder, Twatter, and (TanTan being a Chinese app of the same quality and nature) and all the apps that Bozos globally do, and then pester women up and down for dates.

I’d say women pestering men too, hehe, but in the vast majority of cases I’ve seen it’s nut job men pestering women for dates (when they dont know them from Adam or Eve) – though to be honest, why a woman would WANT to be on those dating apps is a mystery to ME.

But anyway, why just dating.

“Want sexy, we turn on computer”

So said a Chinese dude I once knew ..

“Why need pay”.

Typical Bozo mentality.

Then of course the “things we want”.

And of course money.

Everything is now, now, NOW – while we forget to LIVE in the NOW so that what we WANT comes to us.

My lovely wife told me the other day about a  lady she works with who wants to “get new clothes”.

“Dress clothes”, or party clothes or what not I remember my wife saying.

Apparently the way this “businesswoman” (no, I dont know her and have never met her) wants to do it is “sell her old clothes for 10% less” or something.

My first thought on hearing this was “Jesus. Why not GIVE it away?”

But I didnt say much, and my daughter “contacted” me thereafter

Sure enough!

Little kids have more sense in their heads than most adults.

“Dad, I remember the time when the idiot who wanted to lose 10 kgs and then asked you for the 0 Excuses Fitness System for 10% of the price “because I want to lose 10 kgs only!!!!””

True story from a year ago, and you on the list know it! Hehe (well, you NEWBIES on the list don’t, but the old and “faithful” DO).

But anyway, why not just GIVE away my friend.

I mean, I have done this all my life in certain regards without even thinking about it.

True, there are occasions where I should NOT have given the person what I did, but in the vast majority of cases giving is GOOD.

And I’ve (down the line) recieved way more than I ever bargained for.

I gave without THINKING – or expecting anything.

While the laptop and an old camcorder were the two things I gave away to a charity most recently, I’ve mentioned how I often give away stuff I dont want instead of selling it “at 10% of the price” or what not like certain idiots do when I move out of apartments etc.

I mean, really.

If you’ve got toilet cleaner or what not lying around, which doesnt cost a bomb to begin with, why invest the time and energy to SELL it when you could just give it away and be done with it?

Practical as well as spiritual and it speaks tomes to the mindset of the person who does these things – or doesn’t.

One attracts money.

The other chases it.

And always will, like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

That ain’t to say you should never have garage sales, or do “exchange offers” etc. (that seem to be all the rage on Amazon now in certain countries – not China though for whatever reason).

(as far as I know).

If exchanging that old phone means you get a new phone quicker, go for it …

But there are times when you give – and times when you “sell”.

Divine guidance, my friend . . .

Anyway, those are my thoughts on that.

And last, but not least, remember that the instant gratification mindset is something I actively REPEL.

True, it’s one thing to buy the product NOW.

Because it;s the best, and you WANT it – you truly do.

But results will come DOWN the line.

And if you’re the sort that expects miracles the day you buy the course and don’t do the thing and what not – you’re better off buying from someone else.

No miracles or boobybuilding or overnight fat loss (though in some cases, YES, this can and DOES happen but only if you’re on the RIGHT COURSE).

And last – again – remember.

All new customers i.e. if you haven’t bought from my site before get a 20% discount off EVERYTHING you buy. 

It’s pre-built into the system – a coupon code is ALL you need. And you’ll get that upon checking out, etc (the system will give it to you along the way).

And that, my friend is that.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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