Good things come in small packages…
- For the most part!

Ahem ….

But really, this brings to mind a blue flame special review I once got on Shoulders like Boulders, where the guy first complained about the “author not looking like he trained (in other words, he wanted me to hire a professional movie star setup to film the whole deal) – then about “really, the price on this book” (i.e. the usual grip about price) and then … “the length of this book”.

According to this idiot, if the book was expensive then the “length” of the book should be commensurate.

Of course, he never did tell us if he could do, or tried any of the exercises in the book and how they worked out for him.

Probably too busy looking at “size queens or kings” on the Internet.

But really, unless you’re into porn of course where “size sells” and it’s obviously about looks – the reverse holds true for the most part in real life.

BIg and bulky muscles often cannot do the things that tight, taut and TRULY strong muscles can do.

For example, you might be able to hoist a cow in the gym with 30 minute breaks between sets.

But can you slink out pull-ups like a stud, easy peasy, lemon squeezy?

Or, 50 pushups without thinking about it (perfect ones)?

Or, can you run an all out sprint for more than 1 second without collapsing (ideally, I’d like you to do it for at least 15 seconds – AT LEAST – all out – and can you then repeat that?).

Short and intense often does the job BETTER, my friend.

And it’s not just workouts.

Emails and books – the two or three word HEADLINE often does a far better job of selling the book than anything else does (if its emails, then it’s far better to keep things PITHY in most regards).


Shoulders like Boulders!

Battletank Shoulders!

Advanced Hill Training! 

And so forth …

Many of the books I’ve read have been SHORT inspiring reads. The books I read OVER AND OVER AGAIN, for that matter.

Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil being a classic example of a book that is worth easily over $500 if one were to look at the lessons in it (for those that get it).

And even in long books, it’s usually certain parts that hit the spot.

Claude Bristol’s “TNT – It Rocks the Earth!” is so short youd be forgiven for thinking it’s a collection of diary entries. But its a book that if used right can catapult YOU to giddy limits of success you’ve NEVER even dreamed of, let alone “thought” possible – fitness included.

True, there are occasions when books are long.

0 Excuses Fitness is over 300 pages, and then the videos, of course, 5 of them … dumbphone friendly too.

Pushup Central is a big one.

Animal Kingdom Workouts too …

But really, if you “put a price on knowledge”, my friend, or the “length” (and even there, its more “how you use it” as opposed to “having plumbing issues down the road, hehe” as an ex would tell me) then you’re an idiot my friend. Thats really as simple as it gets.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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