Why Sharon Stone a.l.a Basic Instinct might just be the best way to get better at tough exercises for YOU
- Hear me out, hehe

Basic Instinct – the first one, was a classic my friend. I loved it!

The second installment wasn’t that great, but I didnt mind it (but the critics panned it big time).

But Sharon Stone was the stand out in the first (a great thriller) and even in the second (admittedly a bit slow in some parts) second movie too!

Even if she was about 10 years or so older in the Sequel … (those sequels are never as good as the initial movies, and the movies themselves NOT as good as the books!).

But anyway …

In the movie, as I’m sur eyou know, Stone is a “stone cold” killer / femme fatale that gets off to stabbing men with ice picks “at the time of you know what”.

She writes about it first in her “bestselling novels”.

Mysteriously enough or maybe not, the murders happen in exactly the same manner as detailed in the book six months or so later! (I can’t remember what they said in the movie, but it was something like that).

So, the police discuss it together with a couple of shrinks (after a coke snorting socialite who is a “somebody” is found “offed”) (and the maid was 54 and 254 lbs , so she obviously didnt do it, hehe).

NICK (after a long beat) What if the writer did it? What are we dealing with?

DR. LAMOTT You’re dealing with a devious, diabolical mind. This book must have been written at least six months, maybe years before it was published. That means the writer planned the crime, at least in the subconscious, back then. The fact that the writer carried it out indicates psychopathic obsessive behavior in terms not only of the killing itself but in terms of applied advance defense mechanism.

Now, this, my friend is key – in the middle.

The part about the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Now I’ve written before about this – a lot of times!

I’ve written about how while the external exercises and all that “did the thing” –  my subconscious and the FEELINGS and IMAGES in it were really key to getting in the best shape of my life 10 years after my so called prime and still going strong.

I mention visualization in the book on pull-ups – which is an exercise most so called “men” CANNOT do – they can’t even hang on to the bar to save their asses if need be!

I mean it in 0 Excuses Fitness.

I’ve mentioned galore about how I’ve dreamt of people’s names and things happening, and I’ve met those people weeks later, and those events HAPPENED.

I’ve even written about predicting sales, right down to the figure in my dream!

All true, my friend . . .

The subconscious, my friend, is where it’s at.

And it – and it alone – is the MAIN key for YOU that is struggling at a tough exercise, say handstand pushups.

See yourself do it FIRST.

Keep seeing it.

Obsess over it.

Do so SILENTLY in a way no-one but you knows!

And then, my friend – add EMOTION to thep icture, which if you truly care about the exercise shouldn’t be hard to do …

And therein, bro, I’ve given you the key to success at ANYTHING you do.

See if you can find it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – EVERY brilliant mind down the ages, and the most physical of people USE the subconscious REGULARLY. Yes, even us pushup experts that bang out 500 of ’em regularly!