What my DAUGHTER (a 7 year old) can teach MOST ADULTS about the MIND
- YES!

It was beautiful, just like her!

And truly, we can learn a LOT from kids!

But anyway, she’s mentioned in Zero to Hero! for a REASON.


And she’s the star of Kiddie Fitness, again for a good reason. (give me some time, and I’ll collate some feedback on that one. As of now, Bozo’s feedback is the only one I’ve shared, but I’ll share some from a “Mom” Amy in the UK as well – stay tuned!).

But anyway . . .

She (a while ago) made this “experimental thing” – like a BLUE aquarium of sorts, and I was STUNNED THE MINUTE I SAW IT!

I mean, the damn thing was so beautiful – even though it wasn’t “perfect”.

She took a jar, and put water in it – and put color and glitter in it, with stones and such.

Basically a kiddie deep blue sea without sharks.

When MOST people look at her room, they see “a mess”.

For me, every time I’ve been priveleged to enter her room when I’m there, it’s – an honor.

I see little Einstein at work!

Of course, how dare I say it. So I dont – but I do to YOU!

But anyway, this reminded me of the mind which I’ve been writing about a lot today, so I’ll share this little snippet with you too.

The human mind is just LIKE THAT.

MOST of it’s power is in the subconscious which people either scoff at – or don’t know how to use correctly.

MOST of the self help gurus out there that say they do – and the jokers that talk about repeated affirmations being the key to EVERYTHING – do NOT know the REAL secret.

The movie “The Secret” doesnt mention it either.

Note – not all affirmations are useless, but a lot are, especially in the way they’re said.

But anyway . . . lets talk fitness.

Fitness wise, I didnt get to “piss off the Bozos SUPER STUD” level or “Michelin like leverl” or “A Master of his craft” or have that “V shape to my back that girls love” or “Look like a movie star” without something happening mentally first.

I’ll tell you one thing now.

I could be and was fat as fock at one point, and my results in “life” in general did NOT change or “weren’t negative because I was fat”.

Yes, even with the opposite sex!

But fitness wise, I didnt just “get here overnight”.

It took me many, many years . . .

And I wouldn’t have put in the effort if I did not have a picture in my subconscious of what I wanted to accomplish, and no, dollar bills weren’t necessarily what I wanted at that point (when I started).

Gorilla Grip was once priced at $2.99.


But anyway, thats a different story.

Now, the morons and Bozos (including Bozo Schofield from the UK who was recently thrown out of China after being thrown out in his shorts of Charles’s beer house where he broke in to steal the beer – I still have the photo of him lying face down, drunk on the street in his short – what a loser! – but he claims “he goes to Oxford and is a pound millionaires” and then leaves the sh-eviews he does, hehe) will ask “why am I not a millionaire as yet”.

(But he’s great fun, to be honest – at least in terms of ampin sales. Pity he seems to have realized that . . .)

(I can hear the teeth gnashing across the pond. LOL).

Anyway I had a picture in my mind.

Those pictures are what led to what I ACHIEVED.

Now, the millionaire part.

If I set that as a goal, I have NO DOUBT I would GET THERE – and quicker than “many years”.

But I hadn’t back then, because I only wanted to sell full tilt once I myself did the thang!

In some cases, that took years to fine tune the routines etc that I give you NOW.

Sure, I could be one of those idiots that claim they know it all and sell high priced stuff with fancy shmancy sales garbage.

But I won’t.

It ain’t me.

Thats not authentic, vintage Rahul Mookerjee.

But now that I’ve got there, the money COMES.

And it damn well BETTER COME, because I – guess what – for either the books on this site – or the others I run – DESERVE IT.

Years of toil, putting out products better than anyone else – and dont get me wrong.

I chose to get good at something first – BEFORE telling others how to do the thing.

And after that, a few years – or should I say a couple of years ago – I set financial goals.

“Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first”

“Go – but tell NO MAN!”

And much like the Bozo never predicted the furious x 1000 fightback he got THSI TIME around as opposed to me “taking it” (so he thought) the first time he started trolling with racist memes, NO-ONE will be able to predict this goal I have.

In fact, even I can’t fully visualize it.

OR can I?

We’ll let that hang for now, much like the hanging, swinging, you know what’s the Bozo is so enamored by . . .

I’m out.

Back soon!

(nasty picture I know, but I had to tell the Bozo, hehe)

(and a prime lesson for those of you that say “we can’t see pictures when we visualize”. Damn skippy you CAN!”)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is a course that will get you on the fast track to making money – right HERE.

(So sayeth the man with “money written on my face”, hehe)

(or the man with no name hehe) (or many)