The two things everyone should do FIRST thing in the morning!
- Hey, I do it.

There’s many things you could do, of course.

Visualization being something ALL of us do either consciously or not – – whether we realize it or not.

Some of us live in situations (or are sometimes “put in situations”) where our normal routines are interrupted due to something completely out of our control, such as the China plague for one.

The China plague has literally thrown many a routine into the garbage bin as people forge new ways of living globally – and “figure out how to co -exist” best (for those stuck with folks they don’t want to be – for NO fault of their own).

And trust me, there are many such “unsung” heroes.

Por ejempelo, a stellar dude from (I believe Romania it is) who is stuck back there for more than a year and unable to get back to his dancing monkey job in China . . .

Now, you on this list know what I think about dancing monkeys in general, but this dude is TRYING. He’s from Romania – obviously a poor country in many regards, and I have a feeling he’s a far better “teacher” in many regards than a lot of the idiots that “according to Bozo Scofield” (that was actually one of the more “true” things he did say amongst all his other nonsense, but of course, HE does it himself too, hehe, so it was self projecting nonsense as usual onto another person he was bullying “Americana”) “run around from door to door with their passport in hand”.

ESL, for those that dont know … ah, but … the trend CAN be bucked.

Thats why yours truly is so roundly hated in many corners, as he not only BUCKED the trend – got PAID MORE for working LESS – and picked up a ton of chicks as “students” as well to boot.

Some were more trouble than they were worth though, but by and large, all great gals. Thank you!

But anyway, where was I.

Often times we wake up, and we aren’t necessarily “down” or anything.

We’re just “wondering how to start our day”.

And I have some of those times – sometimes.

Normally, no.

Normally I jump out of bed, straight to the laptop with my trusty TEA!

And I write to you – and NO, I dont need to think about “what to write”.

Writer’s block has never been an issue for me. Pounding out 20,000 plus words a day is a skill yes, but it can be learnt!

But on the rare occasions that I “do” “stare at the screen”?

Well, I visualize for one. Great time to do so!

And what I often do – and this is one of the things YOU SHOULD DO even if you’re NOT interested in fitness – is look at some of the sales pages for my books.

For example, one of the very best ever – BARNSTROMER SHOULDERS!


Just LOOKING at that page INCITED me to new levels of … I dont know!


I can almost feel the energy crackling!

And as that STALLION bucks and rears – the other thing you should do is upside down training my friend.

I care not if you can’t do handstand pushup or not – just HOLDING the position will sweep away any lethargy or negativity or even “left over drunken fog” from the “night before”. hehe.

Trust me on this one!

And once the mists clear, and the seas start to part for you – go for it!

In the meantime, many of you on this list have been to that page, but haven’t picked up the course – I really cannot figure out why?

Don’t tell me price. I mean, some things are PRICELESS, and you know it very well!

But if there is some other reason – let me know – I’ll address it – although I can’t imagine what it might be – even paperbacks are on the site now.

Even if you’ve got the two books SEPERATELY, this compilation would be great to have just for the FAQ it includes – and of course, just to “have it there”.

Personally, all the books I keep writing about are ones I plan on buying in paperback – either have bought – or WILL buy someday.

Thats just how it works, my friend.

And as a great customer recently said, “Rahul Mookerjee’s information of bodyweight culture is unparalleled. Truly the Stella Artois of Fitness!”

He also “would like to own all of my books”.

He’s getting there, and he’s doing the thang, and many of you are too – but many aren’t – and you know which is which!

But in the meantime, for inspiration – never forget to read the page!

And I’m out – – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Advanced Hill Training and Pushup Central – these two motivate me immensely too!

PS #2 – Any of y’all follow the IPL circus? I dont, but I read a stunner the other day. Aaron “Finchy” Finch – the Aussie T20 captain hasn’t been picked – and it’s not because of form either! Neither has Alex Carey, and while in his case it might be numbers – not sure – but Finchy? An Aussie T20 captain not being picked – despite his GREAT numbers in the format? Now thats a first!