Why age doesnt mean SQUAT All FOR REAL MEN – and real training
- 'Tis true, brah

My (former) friend Charles once made the comment about my other friend – an ex Marine – and a veritable BATTLETANK at an age most people would consider retiring – let alone FIGHTING.

Much like Herschel Walker, who at the age of 50 plus entered MMA and whooped ass, this man, rightly featured in Gorilla Grip is whooping ass by doing “dirty boxing” and hill climbs!

Real hills at that.

He’s my buddy – and like me, a diehard Trump supporter … (but that is neither here nor there, I suppose!).


Anyway, Charles is my age.

40 plus …

(a month in my case, and probably similar in his).

And he made several disparaging comments not so much about my friend, but about “age” in general, basically saying that at that age “you take what you get”.


I didnt really say much to him.

But if I had?

“Not so fast, bro”, I’d tell him.

This almost 60 year old man can take me, you, Bozo Schofield – all at once – and together and drink a beer with the other hand most likely, hehe – not that he would – he’s the gentlest “giant” I’ve met, and a great, great person!

Not to mention that yours truly got into the BEST SHAPE of his life 10 years AFTER when most people would consider me to be in my prime, and I’m kicking MORE ass daily.

Not to mention that a lot of DOERS on this are at an age – oddly enough – 60 plus where most pansy men wouldn’t even consider training, let alone the stuff these guys do.

I mean, age truly is NOTHING my friend – for REAL MEN.

Not every old man is a pot bellied hunchback of Notre Dame, my friend.

And if you DO fall in that category, it don’t matter what age you’re at – you need to start training – the right way!

Many of the DOERS in the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP are way PAST 60, bro.

They’re still hitting – hard and heavy.

While those half their age and less whimper about the “gyms being closed” and “how they’re so stressed from life and work” and how their wives get on their asses, and so forth  . . .

Fair enough.

We ALL have stress.

But that isn’t an excuse to be a pansy.

More to the point, it ain’t an excuse to claim “age”.

Age my friend – is just a number!

To all of you training hard post 60 – A TIP OF MY HAT TO YOU – because guess what – ya’ll truly DO DESERVE IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, the 0 Excuses Fitness System – you can follow it until the day you pass on, and still make great, great gains. Jump on it NOW.