The message I received from the Divine in two parts
- Now that was a real message!

I’ll be brief on the spiritual part here, or I’ll try!

But anyway, I woke up this morning – and when I finally got out of bed, I checked the dumbphone.

558 AM.

Yet, I received a message MINUTES before that – something that “scared” me, but in a damn good way!

There were loud noises happening. Something “fell” once.

I thought “it just happened”.

As I myself keep saying, nothing ever does!

Then it happened thrice.

And the message I got was so stupendous but TRUE that I am NOT going to reveal it here – but suffice it to say that from what I hear – someone in the family has passed on.

Obviously my family wouldn’t give me any details on anything, and obviously my own “input” would be pooh poohed as “rubbish”.

They’re probably thinking how to explain away “what I do for a living” in the funerals and such!

(So I heard, at least. I’m not sure!)

Anyway, the other part of the dream was even more mind boggling, and has nothing to do with births, or passing on, or …

For now though, take a minute to pause, my friend.

How many times do we recognize the value of LIFE?

I wrote about “el tubbo” Doctors yesterday that don’t exercise while dispensing the same advice. Odd, eh?

But this isn’t about that.

It’s about appreciating your fellow man – or woman – and recognizing they won’t be around forever.

My friend Rueben often told me “back in the day” that while my parents and I have irreconcilable differences, I should recognize “they won’t be around forever”.

I turned that around and asked him “well, what when I’m – and they’re HERE?”

Both viewpoints are valid, my friend.

Sometimes though, certain relationships are best “ended” for common good .  .  .

For now, the message I’m passing on is this – first off, appreciate those who you have around on you – because (and especially with yours truly losing Dr Lamar – a great guy! – and a couple of other good friends to the plague from China that is still rampant apparently) – because you never know when they will be GONE.

Second, and more importantly, as I said in the last email, recognize, and ACT UPON what Eugene Sandows and the other old time strongmen said.

Movement is life, and to choose anything else is death.

This was said in various ways, shapes and forms by strongmen of yore globally . . . (before the Jim Shim showed up, of course!).

Recognize that with every breath you take, every action you take – you are telegraphing your intentions to the Creator, the Universe, whatever you call it.

And recognize that if you do NOT take care of your body (regardless of what I might say about it) – then as Emerson said “every defect must be rectified”.

And getting exercise in during the day in short bursts ain’t as hard as you might think.

Recognize that our life on the earthly plane is but one. We don’t get a second chance, not that I know of, not in our current avatars – why not make the MOST of it, and live with VIM, VIGOR, GUSTO AND GUMPTION while we ARE HERE?

Without fitness, my friend, you have NOTHING. I care not how rich or poor you are, how “educated or not” you are, how many degrees and houses you have – if you ain’t fit, and you ain’t taking care of your body, then at the end of the day you have NOTHING.

At the end of the day, perhaps that is all we have – as the great Emerson and then Napoleon Hill rightly said …

Nothing really matters at the end of the day!

(No that ain’t an excuse to be a LAZY ASS either. )

Last, but not least, NO, I do NOT know this lady who passed on that well. I won’t mention her here, but I met her a couple of times when young, but that was it really. So I have NO idea whether or not she was fit, unfit, or what not – ditto for her spouse who is a Doc, but again, I’ve no idea in terms of the fitness part.

The Docs I mentioned yesterday though – those nuts – I DO HAVE AN IDEA!

And I WILL CONTINUE to call ’em out, because being a lardass as a doctor while raking in the moolah for supposedly “curing” people of afflictions puts them in the same category of Babas and Charlatans in many regards.

Not quite, but you get my drift . . .

And thats that from yours truly for now. I’m off to make some moolah myself now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

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