More on the Sage of Concord . . .
- He revealed himself again!

My friend, do you know why I treat my email list – lists – all of them – so valuably?

And why I’m so strict about removing freebie seekers and idiots that don’t get it and all that from this list – and indeed all others I have?

It’s not just the Law of Repulsion, or “removing what I don’t want to make space for what I DO want”.

Yes, thats part of it.

But deep down inside, you on this list are the only people (other than my little daughter) who I EVER share any of my TRUE feelings with.

My buddy from the Marines once burst into tears when we were drinking together, and I put my arm around him, and he – we – healed “at that point in time”.

Oddly enough, he was the one who called me a modern day Gandhi a couple of years , or maybe one year ago . . . (at that time, again).

“I’m sorry for crying Rahul”, he told me a day or so later.

“Dont be!” I replied instantly.

My friend, there is nothing AT ALL – man or woman – or anything “in between” – with letting out EMOTION when the need arises, except you do it with true friends and people that get it!

It’s GOOD for you.

And one of the ways I do it is talk to YOU on this list.

And anyway, THAT is the reason I’m so strict about removing idiots and morons from the list who claim “thats all airy fairy stuff or what not”.

I spoke about the Seer, the Sage of Concord Emerson in an email prior to this yesterday.

I spoke about how in 2019, he “came to me” all of a sudden while climbing the hill!

He came, and went – mysteriously.

No message was passed, and  while I understand NOW – he didnt tell me because?

As Napoleon Hill said, he could have – but that would divest me of much of the beneft I would receive for myself by DISCOVERING it myself!

As I sit here, feeling as light as a fairy (no, Glyn) – I gotta say this.

He came to me – again – last night, or early this morning.

The cycle of life never ends, my friend.

And as mysteriously he came, he went too.

One of the things I did not write in my journal was “poltergeist”, but that was definitely there too this morning!

It scared me, yes, in a good way.

Then I took some deep breaths and tuned in, and Emerson disappeared.

I went back to sleep.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and men like him are indeed SEERS and SAGES. And they recognize the only way to do things is to “pass ’em on”!

Of course, most here will dismiss this as airy fairy (when I say here, I dont necessarily mean the list – I mean casual readers etc) hocus pocus from the spiritual garbage bin, and thats fine, my friend.

If you’re a non believer, by all means be one . . .

But anyway, let’s descend back to the EARTHLY plane.

Pushup Central is a great, great book, and (one of the copies) is reaching a great great customer today I believe – and he will love it.

He loved Animal Kingdom Workouts, and said it was one of my best books ever, if not the best book.

I’m waiting to see his thoughts on Pushup Central!

But in the meantime … he ain’t the only one that is that effusive in his praise for the books.

Yes, I receive far more slingshots than honeyed words of praise, but in accordance with what Emerson advised, I would never have or want it any other way.

And, to read about what other great customers have said about the book – go to the testimonials page HERE – or the Pushup Central page here.

And as for Animal Kingdom Workouts, John Walker isn’t the only one that LOVES the book – there are so many others I could list them here, and it would probably take up a scroll!

Real training, real man style – and most importantly, this sort of training, especially the pushups will affect you at a deep spiritual level, and build your external body like never before as well.

And as I feel a ringing in my right ear, I’m out. Jump on the train NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Before investing in any of these courses (if you’re a first time buyer) – DO invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System and the “Jaguar” of training aka Feline Fitness right HERE.

Or, you could call it Advanced Hill Training . . .