When they feel threatened by YOU . . .
- Usually best to . . .

Have you ever noticed that certain people just “avoid you” for some reason?

Or, just “like you” – but still do what they can either consciously or not to pull you DOWN?

Lets take the Bozo and the trolls for an example.

Even though I did my best to help this dude, and even though we were friends when all this started, and even though he was “friends” with everyone else he screwed over, he still “hated”.

But he didnt.

This, my friend, is called “feeling threatened at a subconscious level”, because YOU have something which they don’t.

There is a reason I don’t mind haters, and negative comments. Hehe. I welcome ’em, and NO, making sales isn’t just the only reason, though it’s one.

As Emerson said in the Laws of Compensation, which I do not have open in front of  me now (but that sage spoke to me in 2019, and I know why now!) – (I’m saying this in my own language) – “So long as there are plenty of negative comments about me in the newspaper or elsewhere, I dont mind. It’s when honeyed words of praise outnumber the criticism is when I start to really WORRY”.

But anyway, same thing with wacko dude who claimed “I should work my mind more” when I was out there slinking out pull-ups easy peasy in sets of 10, going all the way up to the STERNUM – Gironda style on each pull-up.

There is a reason they call ’em Gironda pull-ups!

(not covered in my books, because you dont “need” em, but if you have the goal – hey – go for it!).

It wasn’t that he was smaller than me, or I was bigger. I was in better shape yes, which brings to mind the Jack Carter line (Sly in Get Carter) as he spoke to the original i.e. Michael Caine, hehe “the original Jack Carter” …

“You’re a big man! But you’re out of shape, and for me it’s a full time job, so please … sit down!”

True VIPER – black mamba!

But anyway, the dude (pull-up dude) took off for the HILLS.

Without me saying anything.

I often wondered why.

It’s because at a subconscious level he felt threatened, and it ain’t necessarily and probably wasn’t physically either.

Despite all the bluster and hoo haa about the muscles and external bloat, true strength comes from within.

Show me a man who refuses to be whipped when ALL is going against him (seemingly) – and I’ll show you a true CHAMP.

Applies to life, fitness, biz, anything!

It’s what you do when the chips are DOWN that shows your true mettle, bro.


And anyway, what if you’re surrounded by said people yourself for whatever reason?


In most cases, let go.

Remember that the Universe reflects our own feelings back to us, so if you’re harboring animosity towards them or feel threatened, then that sort of thing comes back to YOU.

And if you’re not consciously or otherwise doing anything, but you still get the hate – or whatever you call it – it’s time to put an END to whatever relationship it is – for good.

Even the best of us, and Stella Artois guys (I love that beer by the way! Might just replace Corona as a favorite someday, hehe) keep needing a reminder on this one …

Anyway, remember that the external isn’t what it’s about – it’s about the internal on every angle – fitness included.

And as I’m doing some spring cleaning, that came to mind.

Golly, never realized that even I was “holding on to things”. Old laptops, movie cameras (remember those camcorders back in the day??) – and so much more still sitting around that I gotta find someplace to GIVE.

Pity there ain’t a Salvation Army or something around.

But that old laptop served me well though for years – 10 actually. If you on this list ever buy laptops – piece of advice. Stay AWAY from Asus and buy Toshiba!

Samsung, I dont know – but Toshiba is the BOMB.

And anyway, thats what I gotta say for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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