What the Sage of Concord, and other great seers can teach YOU about FITNESS
- Pay attention here now!

Emerson, that eternal and forever SAGE OF CONCORD – he came to me in 2019!

I was climbing my hill.

‘Twas around 8, I think 757 (although I do NOT wear a watch or take a dumbphone with me when I workout, I KNEW that was the time).

The day was fine. Nothing wrong with it, but I “felt” something on climb #3.

It stopped me.

Right dead in my tracks, almost at the “first top” of the hill.

(that hill had an area where you could rest before proceeding to the top).

It was the Sage himself, and he materialized out of thin air “up there” before taking off again.

Curiously enough, the “look” was all I got.

It wasn’t reproachful, happy, it wasn’t … it didnt even show any emotion.

It was just a steady gaze, and I felt a “good chill” wash over me.

The Sage was watching me.

I often thought about WHY he showed up, but couldn’t pin point it. When I have other such visitations, there is always a purpose!

As they said, nothing is random. There’s always a mission, always an objective!

(The Bourne Supremacy).

So it has been with me all my life, whether I consciously know it or not.

And that seer was there to tell me that although I doing great then – I was neglecting m CORE job – this one.

Some of you might say, well, you were still sending out one email a day which is what you promised!


I was.

But if I like something, I go the whole humpty. Products galore, emails galore, and I jus FLOW and DO.

And that flow and do wasn’t there in April 2019 for whatever reason.

But anyway, THAT is why he came.

There were other reasons too … which I ain’t gonna reveal here.

Anyway, being in flow is what life is about my friend.

As I stretched this morning, my muscles popped, tendons and joints cracked, and old stale tension diappeared, and I’m ready to whoop BUTT now!

So should you, my friend. So should you!

Grab the course on isometrics, and get started right now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It’s about if you TRULY want something – you’ll FIND a way to get it NO MATTER what. No excuses – just do it!

PS #2 – Oh, great. Golly!

I almost forgot to tell you about the fitness part.

Well, think of Emerson my friend.

Straight back. NO hunchback!

Slim as a reed.

That piercing gaze …

And he ain’t the only one. Napoleon Hill, another modern day seer lived to be 80 plus, and walked 10 miles a day usually uphill until the day he passed on.

I won’t use the “d” word, because to be honest, I do not believe in it.

Think it’s just seers?

Look at Ford.

Look at …Burbanks! Any real achiever, and you’ll see that FITNESS is PART AND PARCEL of their routine bro.

And you’ll see that they walk a lot, NOT for fitness necessarily.

Compare to the modern day Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pelican legged gym bros, and chest thumping monster who have no “back” to back up their talk …

And you get my drift.

Train real, my friend. Train the way the old timers did!

And that finally is it, hehe.

Best (again)

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember the course on reverse pushups? Thats the quickest way out for those of you reading this that are HUNCHBACKS – and also one of the best ways , if not the best way to FEEL LIKE A BILLION BUCKS ALL DAY LONG!