The secret that not even ole Clint knew about getting better at pull-ups . . .
- Truly!

I wrote about a “Fistful of Dollars” in an email prior to this.

What I forgot to mention that the “man without a name”, or “Dirty Harry” as many know him (how familiar this sounds to me!!) was also great at pull-ups and one armed pushups, the first NOT advertised publicly, but if you ask Clint, I’m sure he’ll tell you he can rock ’em out at the age of 90 plus.

No, it’s not just because “he has good genetics”.

That he does.

But if former lardasses like yours truly, the exact opposite of Clint in both body shape and “genetics” (I mean it!) can rock ’em out like rock stars and super studs, then anyone can.

The key lies in two things – learning how and then shutting one’s yap and then DOING the thing.

And along the way, pissing the Bozos and idiots who claim “you say just do it! Your fitness information is not helpful!” off.

Oh, these people.

If they only knew that within those three words lies the key both to my – and THEIR GREATNESS!

Of course, they know it, but won’t acknowledge it.

Anyway, even Clint wouldn’t know the secret I’m talking bout here. Heh.

It’s something even I HAVE NOT talked about until NOW.

And I’ll tell you straight off the bat-  it ain’t handstand pushups.

That is ONE secret, and if thats all you do your whole life – that combo – you wont need much or anything else.

But what I am about to tell you goes beyond the realms of the physical.

The benefits extend into the metaphysical and spiritual in a manner that only stretching your spine the right way can give you.

The bridge I hear you say.



But this goes beyond the bridge, my friend.

This is the reverse pushup on STEROIDS I BE Talking about.

Not just the reverse pushup, but done in a way that a 60 plus year old former Samurai from the U.K. once told me “this exercise is quite difficult to master, but once you crack it you’ll be BLOWN AWAY. I’m 63, and this is the best exercise for me. Brilliant book, thank you!”

(Again, I’m paraphrasing. His exact comment is on the site).

And if you want to truly go beyond super duper stud (maybe thats the next book) at pull-ups, go HERE and learn the supplementary exercise that will teach you HOW.

Do in tandem with everything else.

Write back, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And be SURE to grab that compilation on pull-ups that you (well, a LOT of you, not all) have been putting off NOW.