WILD, primal, RAW UNCENSORED – and ?


A way that RESONATES! (I knew there was something I forgot!) 

A memory that is as fresh today as years ago, perhaps.

IT’s always been a bit of a “hassle” (nah. I love it!) to keep my daughter away from handstands and exercise in general.

Most kids, especially these days HATE it.

Set the right example though, and they’ll love it, and do it on their OWN.

And here it is – so I’ve told her (until this day) to stay away from “yours truly RAGING STALLION” when doing handstands.

So, starteth BRAIN DUMP.

“You’re not a stallion” Dad, sniffed my young ‘un. “Youre a human being!”

“Well, whatever I am” I laughed.

But honey …

I was coming DOWN from a handstand. with a BANG.

And she opened a cupboard right next door to take a laptop or some nonsense out!

Honey, and here is what I told her. 

If you dont listen to me here, HERE is what will happen. 

The damn cupboard will shatter. 

I’ll fall flat on the laptop. And guess what will happen to it. 

YOUR nose – and you in general – will turn into a PANCAKE. 

And there was more, but you get the gist!

(and of course she asked me what I was babbling about before, which was “STORM TROOPER SHOULDERS!” I was sayin it over and over again, and to her I said “now  you know it resonates!”

Because she herself got into a handstand right then and there, hehe).

Folks – be SAFE when doing these! I’ve mentioned the ghastly injuries I’ve got while doing this great exercise – and it can be avoided with a bit of common sense and caution. 

And I’ve told you too, of course, how to recover.

My way.

Nothing if not HUMBLE is this “here” stallion, hehe.

But anyway …

Kids are great.

And to get your kids in shape – FAST – follow the exercises HERE.

And last, but not least.

We all want it.




To become the real man or woman that we were MEANT TO BE.

And THIS course will do it. Go here NOW, my friend. Really. NOW!

Write back – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Back to my workout, hehe, which involves mirror gazing of all things today. No pumpin and tonin tho. Maybe I’ll tell you about it later! Hehe.

PS #2- I remember the BED breaking as if on cue!

(No, Glyn Schofield, not that type of breaking, although you’d love to be the one doing it)

(Some things in life just are what they are Glyn “ole boy”. Might as well accept it NOW, hehe).