Turn into the RAGING STALLION you always were MEANT TO BE!
- Guys and gals both, and everyone in between too!

Stallion, or Mare.

Or Mary, if you’re Glyn “sissy Mary” schofield reading this.

More on Sissy Maries later …

But when yours truly “wild man” met his wife, he was …

Long haired.  Foul mouthed. A free admitter of the fact that he, ahem, indulged in a bit too much in all regards (even on day ONE, lol). 

Had a spot – a dark and UGLY one on the forehead from too much bridging. 

(done without a proper bridging mat, hehe). 

He was WILD. 

Had a fairly substantial bank account that he depleted pretty quickly, especially those initial dates. LOL. 

And medical insurance, if I recall .. (not for me). 

An dof course, the hair. 

An dthe free and wild spirit.

Guess what attracted her most.

She probably regrets the decision now.

But I didnt put “raging stallion” or bull up there, but I probably should have.

Charles the friend who I hadn’t even spoken to by then once made the comment of “he tears it apart” in a certain WeShat group …


But anyway, point of this is …

Wild men aren’t necessarily the sort of men women marry.

They will tell you up and down they do EVERYTHING they can to stay away from such men.

And yet, yours truly’s experience proves this to be a FALSEHOOD.

Sure, they might not marry you.

But stay away?

I dont think so, hehe.

Even my mother who is famously anti (as she likes to refer to me as) “willlllllllddddddddddddddd” DID once make the infamous comment she’ll n ever live down (that was Dad chuckling about it, hehe) about that actor’s “manly mustache”.

Manly mustaches.

I might make a course on it!

But I never had a mustache in my life, hehe.

Anyway, I had a wild straggly BEARD when I met my wife, I should have added up ther.e Boy them handstands do more than just work the body, hehe.


Come flooding back!

Inspiration to write to YOU!

And pester you ALL day long with these emails, hehe.

But you truly ARE my family, so …

But anyway, where was I?

AH yes.

Everyone can “say” they dont like the wild sort.

But guess what, even the most radical of these people wouldn’t say they dont “notice them”.

And that it doesnt attract them.

And let’s leave wives, mom’s, significant others of any gender or not out of this …

Lets even leave your house in Kansas and “Dorothy” out of it.


Lets pose a question to the men (I mean all men, even the sissies who by gender if nothing else are men).

WOULD YOU not like to be … just THAT?


Or a mare, for you ladies reading this?

I’ll leave it there.

Of course you would.

Now, some of the men reading this (Schofield being one) have accepeted their lot in life, that being to be a sissy.

And thats fine.

Everyone has their uses, hehe. Schofield more than others, as he’s truly helped out more than he thought he would.

(not “that” way Ugh!).

But for you REAL MEN out there that are looking to UNTAME the Stallion that resides within, and believe me, it IS THERE – well – you know what I mean!

Well, wait no more my friend.

The VERY COURSE you need for it is right HERE.

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here (and I unashamedly say it) is that LINK again …