The best way to recover from SORENESS – is not putting your feet up, for one!
- And I'm talking leg soreness here, but it applies to everything

I’ve written galore before about living alone, training alone, Mr T and why I do the same. 

The most common reason my training partners give up is because they like the idea of working out and the thought of displaying the results of their labours, however, it’s the labour part of the equation that they never really come to terms with and once they learn that you actually have to put in the work before you get the results they just fall by the wayside.
I’ve had grown men tell me that they can’t train with me today because they’re still a little stiff/sore from the last workout, when I tell them that’s how a man’s body is supposed to feel, they look at me like I’ve got two heads.
Just picture this for a moment and you’ll understand why we are the mentally/physically weakest humans that have ever walked this planet.
Sorry boy’s I can’t come hunting with you today as my legs have not recovered from chasing after that antelope yesterday and I’ll just have sit with my feet up today until the stiffness/soreness in my legs subsides enough to allow me to function again, now where did I leave those painkillers???

That was a Samurai – a warrior – a real man saying that – one of my great customers John.

I know I’ve mentioned him a lot, but he deserves it!

And this, my friend is ONE,  though by far NOT the only one reason I train alone (And live alone too, if you make the “jump” between the two which you really SHOULD be, as what he’s saying is as applicable to life as it is fitness).

Now, the point of me saying this?

Is well, my workout yesterday left me sore in the legs obviously.

Not so much as I was when I first banged out 50 Hindu squats. I could barely walk the next couple of days.

(and hence the word of caution in 0 Excuses Fitness – make haste slowly. Do not, I repeat, do NOT over do these exercises when you first start, or you’ll be walking like the Bozo Schofield the one and only does “wobbly ass”, hehe).

On that note if Schofield is reading this and I can FEEL him frothing at the mouth as he IS, hehe, no, this ain’t about the soreness you experience in your derriere all day long.

Her derriere, I should say.



Interesting how that came out!

But anyway, his sissy rants aside (and he’s actually be the perfect sissy if you think about it – hey – sissies have their uses too! LOL)  …

Sore LEGS. for me.

And the best way to resolve that, and pretty much MOST soreness?

Or one way, I should say, but one of the best is …well, it’s mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System in it’s OWN CHAPTER.

It starts with M, and no, Schofield, it doesn’t end with “N”.


But the way I’m talking about now?

Invert yourself. Simply.

Not Bozo dream style where he inverts himself and spins around a pole …

(That was actually Southern China back in the day!)

But you invert yourself.

Handstands, for lack of a better explanation. 

And the “secret” is right there in the open in my book.

90% of the soreness will go away if you do handstands as mentioned in my book, my friend. NO, kicking up and doing it the other way – the way it is commonly taught – will NOT achieve the same impact.

Yet another reason I price my books the way I do, and the way I teach this great exercise. Truly unique, truly worth, and to the nutzos that thin kmy books are too expensive, well, DX had two words for ya.


I wont mention ’em here!

S … I . (not mine though – Schofield is waiting).

Anyway, a great customer recently ordered Pushup Central.

As he rightly said, if the “knobheads find it a good book to troll”, then “he’s sure it will be worth his time to invest in it”. 

And he’s RIGHT as usual.

I’ll paste the entire quote later. For now, I just interrupted my workout to say this to you, so I’m out.

Oh, and the other 10% may or may be mentioned in Profound Positions – be on the outlook for that.

Yours truly indeed profound is out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the course that will turn you into the RAGING STALLION you’ve always wanted to BE! Sissies, wusses, mama’s boys and panty wads, and any other nutty category not mentioned, do stay – AWAY.