<5 minute cardio routines to build STRENGTH and leave you FRIED and BUZZING the entire day
- Sage!

With all the writing I do, how do I find time to train?

Valid question, eh?

And thats exactly what John Walker, a great and superlative customer from the UK  once asked me …I believe it was a few months ago?

Anyway, as I make some adjustments to the price of Pushup Central on Amazon etc (the price is now BACK to what it was originally) (doing the discount was a great idea, but end of the day, it was attracting too many nuts, so I put it back where it was) – I gotta tell you this.

(edit – the email service I use is currently “barfing”, so this email will hit your Inbox later than it should, I assume. But in terms of discounts – remember you new customers STILL get a 20% discount if you order off this site – so thats extra motivation to do so here, but if it’s Amazon etc – all good by me! Just leave an honest review either way – thats all Iask!)

Cardio, my friend, and I’ve often said this does NOT have to be about long drawn out runs, either outside with a “mask on” or on the treadmill ogling the babes.

Or gaping at the boob tube.

I’ve also provided examples, with real life examples of SPORTSPERSONS no less getting angioplasties and what not when on this method of “long slow distance” cardio that literally eats your body up from the inside out.

And no, while you might expect me to say that hill climbs, and LONNNNGG ONES are good – or the best – not really.

Sure, I got into the best shape of my life – well, not really – CLOSE to it, but still pretty good with those long hikes and nothing else, but I’ve mentioned while the fat flew off, I was weak in other areas.

I was a pull-up champ, but a pushup DUD (as opposed to when I weighed more than an elephant and did 500 pushups a day AND pull-ups).

The best cardio routines, my friend are what I advocate in Advanced Hill Training for one – and no, you do NOT need HILLS to train that way! 

Or in Animal Kingdom Workouts – or Pushup Central for that one (yes, pushups will give you all the heart hammering cardio you need if you do it right).

But pimpin aside, thats not what I wanna talk about.

I want to talk about the good ole Hindu squat.

Couple of days ago, I wrote about not doing 500 of anything anymore.

Well, I figured I’d test myself yesterday anyway.

Did 500 squats.

And oh – MY.

It took me around 17 minutes, and used to take around 15 – so I’m not that far off the mark.

But really, that aside, I was BUZZING.

With ENERGY. ENTHUSIASM. Attracting GOOD into my life! And so forth …

Not to mention I ate like a pig at a dinner, and I’m starving a few hours later.

Not to mention that I got the best handstand workout in later after that …

Now, how does any of this relate to you, the person that can maybe do ONE Hindu – or any – squat – or perhaps 10 and then collapse.

It is this.

You get your cardio in in an intense manner, and when you’re done, you REST.

True, you might want to go for a walk or something if all you can do is 25 Hindu Squats, for instance.

But really, the heart hammering you’ll get during these BRIEF workouts is something EVERYONE can do.

You’d think people have more time during lockdowns etc, but it seems people are getting more slothful and lazier by the day.

Not to mention feeling like crud all day …

But believe me, my friend, when combined with deep breathing, there is NO better way to banish the blues than via a good squat workout done right. 

(I could title this here email so many different ways, hehe)

But doing them right is the polar opposite of what is taught in the Jim Shim, so remember – learn th eright way via the videos (which I hate doing, but I loved doing those!) in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

There is a REASON the videos were made. Some of this stuff, you gotta see to do right . . .

Jumping rope is another great way to do this, and a way boxers, wrestlers, and strongmen of yore used and still do to whip their butts into SHAPE – and quick.

Key thing here is this – do the opposite of what you’ve been told to do all your life in terms of fitness (and really, life too).

And you’ll do FINE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – In terms of a dose of motivation, or kick up the ass, depending upon how you look at it – pick up Zero to Hero! here. True words those!