Why being a Bozo of the highest order doesn’t necessarily lend itself to decent or any dialog.
- Ugh, that "my way or the highway" thing is so STUPID.

I see it in the PRC all the time.

Point out something bad, even legitmately so, and the Chinese start (well, the overly jingoistic ones do, and the ccp members as well).

“If you don’t like China, you can leave!”

I pointed out a case of a taxi driver who was persecuted for some reason in China, fled to HK in the 90’s or so, somehow got a HK ID and lived on there, driving his cab.

When I got into his cab there, he told me the following.

“We no like China! China velly bad, Japan velly good!”

Bear in mind this was before Xi took over and completely and utterly destroyed any semblance, vestige or “sham” of the Kong having any form of limited democracy!

If there is one thing the Dems and Republicans agree upon, it’s China.

Even Biden’s admin wasn’t happy with the retarded sanctions placed upon Mike Pompeo and his team in a vain “after the horse done bolted” attempt to “save face”.

I mean, really.

If they really wanted to save face, these idiots could have done it WHILE Trump was in power.

Instead, in typical slinking bully style they wait until Trump is out of power and do it with Biden in power, hoping that Biden will support ‘em.

While I feel Biden is a good man, Idont think he’s the right choice for Prez. I’ve been very clear on this. And the election, well, the less said the better.

But point being, even Biden and his admin knows the damage China has done to the US and the rest of the world.

(and themselves, of course, but if they want to shoot themselves in the foot, go for it!)

But anyway …

I hear this sort of thing all the time.

“If you don’t like it, leave!”

Or as a certain person from a factory just told me “That person can leave! Don’t waist China resource!”

(right down to the “waist”. LOL)

So in other words, don’t discuss a genuine issue. Just be a Bozo Scofield style China tom tommer, say ‘all is well’, and all problems shall be solved.

(or simply blame the other person, or the other country)

(and bringing up an issue, or saying “someone in China is wrong” means (apparently) that “I dont like China”. Thats SOOOOO sensible!)


Not in my world they won’t, my friend.

And not in any SANE person’s world.

Of course, tom tommers aren’t exactly the sanest of sane …

But anyway, why does this matter?

Because fitness wise, same thing.

When you point out to the Jim Shim crowd why their way is not necessarily the best way, you get the same nutty “don’t tell us that!” responses.

Or, “so and so expert” told us.

You show ‘em proof. News.

Results. Tests.

“All fake”, they go. “Big muscles and the bloat is where it’s at!”

Discussing something in today’s world calmly without letting one’s partisan tendencies get in the way seems to be a dying art. If it ever was alive in the first place.

Anyway, so be it.

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and overall, I’d rather take democracy with all it’s flaws at the end of the day. Commie dictatorships do SOME things well, but by and large, I’d rather speak my mind freely!

(based upon FACT).