“Just bodyweight exercises and static stretches” . How dare I!
- Another zinger, lol.

Well, well, well!

With all the positive reviews flowing in for my books as of late, there was one nut “Keith James” (pretty much Glyn Schofield “el troll”) who claimed that “all I allowed was five star reviews”.

We got into that a couple of emails back.

And his comment is insane, meaningless, and lacks any sort of factual basis – why?

Well, because much as I would like to (actually I take that back – I would NOT) yours truly doesn’t run Amazon.

And yours truly doesn’t have much control over the reviews etc posted there, much like you don’t.

Amazon, of course has been doing its best to crack down on bozos, serial trolls and refunders, lookie lous, serial whiners and so forth, and so if they banned both your comments without me saying anything about it at all, that says a lot right there, hehe.

Anyway, lest you think I give you the positive stuff and that alone, here’s another zinger I received recently that (though I really need to go to bed) I had to write about.

(It literally made me throw my hands up in the air and go “hurray”). LOL.


Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few);

it’s a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises.

A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable. And never, never all of this for € 46!

Not recommended

(Someone named “Andrea Vidolin” posted this)

Boy oh boy.

How do I even begin.

Lets begin with “The Specialist”.

The tepidness of the movie aside, there is a scene where Sly blows up half the balcony off a hotel room, and then rushes to the kitchen to avoid being caught or something.

(funnily enough, they show ole Sly doing a lot of isometrics to maintain that shape of his. One of those same exercises is mentioned in the book, hehe)

A lot of mayhem (ham handed mayhem), knife throwing etc ensure, and a huge, fat (I think Italian) chef throws a hissy.

Righfully so. They were having a ball in his precious kitchen!

Mamma mia!

He might as well said, LOL (but his expression said it all, and if you saw the movie, you KNOW what I BE Talking about!).

But anyway, “Andrea” reminds me of this person.

Lets take a close look at what he/she said.

Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few);

Remember, this is the review in its entirety, so these are the ONLY reasons given.

it’s a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises.


How dare I!

Let’s look up the very definition of isometrics –

( I googled it, and this from Wikipedia)

An isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. .

How dare I put out a book on isometrics, and then talk about just that . . . LOL.

Bodyweight exercises? Again, how dare I put out a book on bodyweight stuff?

Maybe he has a different idea on how to do isometrics, but she (he) sure didn’t tell me how!

Maybe he/she is just on his period. I cannot understand how people leave such insane and idiotic reviews.

(and no, I am not going to ask Amazon to remove it either, lol. Some monuments to INCREDIBLE stupidity shall remain!)

A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable.

Shallow, yet recommended? Hmm! Dichotomy Central?

Photos quality? I wasn’t aware we were filming in Hollywood, partner. Last I checked it was my living room . . . and last I checked, fitness books didn’t need “studio quality” pictures . . . the TEXT does it for the most part . . .


I just took a look, and it doesnt seem that way to me at all. Most seem pretty clear …

And never, never all of this for € 46!

AHA! NOW, we get to the point! The PRICE! Munneeeeeee!

How dare I charge a premium for what works, eh.

And that really sums the whole thing up, along with the idiocy.

(But at least he seems unrelated to Bozo Schofield, so I’ll give him that. Those hot tempered Italians do sometimes get pissed over the smallest things. I get it! LOL)

Now, just so you know, neither do I only want five star reviews, nor do I necessarily tear apart those that aren’t.

On the Gorilla Grip page you’ll see a lengthy three star review which I did sort of critique, but that was it.  (The Amazon UK page that is)

I haven’t made any attempt to have it removed, and neither will I.

He was essentially a price shopper, and so be it.

But inane “rants” like this – well – they deserve a bit of a chuckle or a laugh or both.

Italian cooks running amok, and what not … LOL. Going haywire.

Stereotypes aside though, look at the damn thing logically, and in light of the other reviews the book has received, and I think thats all the “proof” one needs in order to decide whether or not it’s one of the best of it’s kind out there – or not!

And so it goes. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Almost forgot the link – Isometric and Flexibility Training. PIck it up NOW, my friend. Those of you that get it will see it truly IS the missing link in your training – with info that you HAVE NOT seen before out there (And stuff that (some of it) will put you FLAT On your ass when you first DO IT!).