“A little danger never hurt anyone, did it now Baby?”
- Sometimes, hehe

A bit of a cheesy, worn dialog it was, but a classic nonetheless, especially if you’re a Sly Stallone fan like I am.

But even his biggest fans including me would agree that the 1993 movie “The Specialist” was in serious need of … some … ENERGY!

(I still love it tho!)

I don’t know if the directors meant for the movie to be the way it was, but the actors with the notable exception of James Woods, lively as ever as he is on Twitter, hehe, were exceedingly tepid.

In fact, the movie has this slow melachonly tune that plays along and if you’re feeling sleepy, or have had a few cold ones – probably perfect to doze off to. (but just wake up for woods in the police station, hehe – he truly DOES liven things up!).

But anyway, Stone.

Sharon Stone.

Those eyes, and those never ending legs ALWAYS have energy (at least they did back in the days of Basic Instinct and such).

In fact, to me, SHE made the movie watchable, and even she wasn’t at full blast like she is in Basic Instinct.

Crossing and uncrossing them lllooooonnnggg legs is a Stone special, and I’m sure that needs NO introduction.

And in the Specialist she does that, giving a baddie a sexy stare (its meant to be sexy, at least).

While crossing one slim leg over the other, perfectly tanned, puffed, and buffed (Sly is the epitome of that in the movie as well, so lets not blame Stone for it, hehe).

“A little danger didn’t hurt nobody now, did it baby?”

In response to Eric Robert’s “you like to live dangerously”.

(to which he replied “sometimes” and started kissing her legs) 

(if there ever was an example of how NOT To be a true bad boy, Eric Roberts in that tepid movie is IT) 

Anyway, yours truly remembers a girl “Venus”.

I gave her the name.

And though she is no longer on my WeShat list (I suspect my anti China posts ticked her off), for a while there she was very well and truly “with” yours truly if you get my drift.

And every message she sent me would be recalled, or edited, lest it “incriminate” her (she was married).

(I can hear Bozo Schofield gnashing his teeth. Why, why Rahul! LOL)

(Well, maybe because he’s got something they want unlike you. But we’ll get to that, ye Schofield. Hang on!)

Anyway, pictures. Text. All would be recalled, and edited, and it exasperated the heck out of me.

I told her so too.

She stopped doing it, but started up soon enough.

“You’re dangerous!” was her only comment.

(and with that dangerous boy she did more than she probably has with ANYONE. LOL)

And this “danger” and “bad boy” has been repeated to me so many times throughout my life that I’ve lost track.

True, I’m not a good boy.

Probably and definitely not the boy you would want to introduce to your Mama, ladies.

But on the other hand, the bad boys are usually the ones that “get it all” if you get my drift!

And of course, the Bozos and whiners can’t stand it either.

Remember Bozo “Cuck” Glyn Schofield’s bizarre rant about yours truly supposedly “writing books on cuckolds” and “they didn’t like you not because you’re ugly, but because you’re dangerous”?

Dangerous love was the name of a Bollywood flick back in the day (surprisingly good).

Dangerous Cuckold will be the one the Bozo plays out in his own mind for the rest of his days in the London Loony Tune Bin El Supremo.

Oxford my rear end. LOL.

But anyway, ‘tis a common refrain with me.



“Bad Boy”

And so forth.

I might be all of those things, but really and once the dust settles I’m just a caveman with long hair that wants to be left alone.

To his own devices and handstands.

And as “Milan”, a great, great guy once told me.

“I can see you have no shortage of excitement in your life!”

(never a dull moment were his exact words, I believe)

‘Tis true, bro.

I don’t.

And so it should be.

But my exercise and fitness techniques are all safe, my friend. Exceedingly so. In fact to the point they make me look positively BORING.

Just pushups.

Just pull-ups.

Just this and that.

No Bozo like machines, Jim Shim, pump tone, supplements, and all that fancy rot.

Just the basics applied hard, which flat out work.

But regardless, a little danger never hurt anyone did it baby? 😉

Well, actually it MIGHT hurt you while doing handstands for one!


Anyway, enough on this.

Remember that you gotta FEEL your best (which leads to you Looking your best) in order to attract what you WANT in life to you.

And that goes for money, girls, boys (the Bozo prefers in between’s last someone told me!), excitement, good people and so forth, and you can only do that once your BUZZING from the inside out.

And the right fitness program is imperative bro.

Get on the STICK – NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Truly zero excuses! (and NO danger, hehe)