Plenty of BASHING going on on several fronts (back in the day, hehe)
- Heady memories, LOL ...

I just had to write about this one (actually, I was going to do it after I got the idea in the shower, but then I decided not to, but after the last post on whining and moaning, a lot of it silly ,juvenile and unwarranted – I mean really – if someone calls you “brownie” – and you speak English – call him or her something back – and bash him or her back – or give him the Gorilla Grip like yours truly did YEARS ago rather wait until “youre on the wrong side of 35” to “open up about it”).

Like, cry me a friggin river.

Other than media brownie points, doubt anyone really cares . . .

Anyway, back in 2004, I’ve spoken about Dongguan Expat.

And for a while, all was fine on that site, and Michael and Rahul were having lots of fun with a certain “Uncle Bob” and “Ziv” – two of the more “silent” partners on that site.

Actually, Michael and myself were the two that actually DID anything on there, hehe.

But anyway, for whatever reason, my break up with the lovely Ann Lee (yours truly bad boy apparently ended up in one bordello too many, and she found out, but she wouldn’t give me none at that point, at least not what I ‘wanted’, so what was I supposed to do, LOL) coincided with one of the stormiest periods in Dongguan “expat history”.

These guys that have lived there a few years think they know it all.


Yours truly first got there when half of the city was rice paddies . . .

Anyway, tempers were flaring at a certain point.

There was the usual fight between Michael and Rahul which no-one ever really won (and the rest all picked up their popcorn to watch/participate in) because we were both “right in our own way”.

It went on for ages.

While we got in each other “faces” offline. LOL. With beers in hand, long hair and all, hehe.

Anyway, then the “infamous” fight between a Brazilian food joint and “Pizzeria Calzone” owned by Miguel (some bozo from somewhere had also attacked him back in the day for being SUPPOSEDLY “gay”)).

And the fight between those two “Boteco Basil” I believe was the name of the Brazilian joint.

In the middle of all that we had Ann Lee publicly trying to woo me back and yours truly running for the hills (both literally and figuratively).

Then we had poor ole (good ole, LOL) Jason, him of “One for the Road”, famous expat bar in China just starting up the promoting his Sunday roasts and what not.

Poor guy. LOL. He was doing his best, but he was getting drowned out in the noise.

Uncle Bob, that sage and steady influence on us all that occasionally let it all ERUPT (and if you’ve read the “firing” part of this – another hilarious story I’ve covered earlier – – you know his response to that!)

And in the middle of all this, we had a troll who went by the name of “Steven California” who’d do his best to enter each thread, each forum, talk to “Ann” Privately, talk to “Rahul privately”, talk to “Michael privately” and in general do everyting a troll does, except in a more sensible manner than the Bozo did.

Anyway, why do I tell you all this?

Well, I don’t know.

Maybe because of what I’m goin gto say workout wise later.

But point was this.

I doubt any one of us was particularly “proud” (looking back) of what happened during that period, but I highly doubt anyone really regrets it either.

It happened.

(I dont know why though. Maybe “that time of the year or something”, I dont know, but I don’t quite recall it getting THAT stormy, or even close post that period!)

And in a strange sort of “springer” way, it got the site even more eyeballs (this was something Uncle Bob disagreed on, but we’ll have to let it slide!).

Point was, it was folks being real.

And you know the best part?

ALL OF US down the line got together, had a few brews, and sorted it out face to face.

It was mostly all of us getting stressed in 2004 in China and nothing more than that.


Nothing if not “rambunctious” we got during them heady good ole days in China …

Even Steven the troll was looked upon more as a kindly nuisance than anyting else, really. And someone to laugh at basically, but that was that.

Point being this.

We don’t hear anyone from that group complain about “being offended” years later, or some such rot. We all got on with it!

(Uncle Bob made the comment about “plenty of bashing going on on several fronts” once to me when we spoke about it, but even he in his own inimitable manner said the following.

“Wanna know whats happening in DG, Rahul?”

Well, logon to the site!)

Much like the Indian and Aussie cricketers having a good ole go at each other on the field, an dthen getting on OFF IT.

Certainly NO nasty stuff like what the Bozo does. Thats just plain unacceptable, and hence the response he’s getting.

We’ll see what he does post the latest “blitzes” he’s got, and we’ll go from there.

For now though, workout wise, I’ve been “bashing away on several fronts as well!”

One, the book on ONE ARMED training.

I’ve been doing plenty of one arm pull-ups and pushups myself, because that will be there in the book, along with squats.

Then, plymoetrics, and Indians clubs and such.

Thats two more on the list to go, and I’ve been training accordingly.

Panourigas, another long term customer asked me about putting out books on “general living and diet” as well, and gave me some great authors to follow as well in that regard, which I will, and share on this list here (once I get through the books and know which ones are good enough to share).

So there’s a lot to do!

Not to mention a book on kiddie handstands, something I’ve been seriously considering for a while, and that which depending upon feedback from a few people might well see the light of day soon.

(Actually, I might DO that one. It might help a lot of you that are trying to what is mentioned in Shoulders like Boulders, but can’t quite get there. There are a few progressions that MAY be of help. Although I’ve spoken of these in that book, I might just get into them in “excruciating detail” in the “kiddie” book if you get my drift …)

And thats that for now.

Fingers in several pies, bashing away as it were!


From the WILD SIDE (no longer so much, but it’s there – the wolf still emerges on occasion! ;)),


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ah, them good ole days inChina. I’ve written compilations on them (in another vertical) on the other site! Hehe.

PS #2 – I wonder if the dude that runs Bartolinis’s pizza in China now knows of that site, and what went on back in the day. He’d love it. Quite a “colorful character’ he was back in HIS day I hear, hehe. But anyway – if y’all BE in Southern China anytime, hit me up and I’ll point out his way – he’s got some great, great pizza, I’ll tell you that much!