Am I a “white man trapped in an Indian body”?
- I dont think so!

I wrote a couple of posts on some annoying stuff about so called racism (really – folks – grow UP – thats what it all boils down to) – and while those posts should be hitting your email Inbox sometimes late today, or tomorrow, this one is somewhat related.

Somewhat, totally, you decide!

But I’m getting sick of all the “celebs opening up about so called racism or what not”.

Not all.

Just the nutzos.

But anyway, here’s what Charles (friend) once told me when we were on speaking terms w.r.t China.

(and the mighty – NOT – subject of dancing monkey jobs aka ESL)

(which yours truly does NOT do, but Charles curiously enough told me (and he was right) there’s no resaon I couldn’t do it if I wanted to (he was right)).

“White men have it best in China”, he proclaimed. “Brown men have it worse, and blacks the worst!”

Now, I won’t get into black and China here.

I posted about the Chinese putting (literally!) up signs of “blacks not wanted” in McDonalds etc last year.

A gal I knew (a real pretty one! Hehe) had a black “monkey” with a pink bow around its neck and Prez Obama’s face on it, and the US flag on it.

The entire intent was not so much to denigrate the US (it was, but thats a different issue) but it was to say “Obama is a monkey”.

I don’t like Obama. First thing that comes to mind when I se ehim is “snake oil salesman”.

I like Hillary Benghazi Clinton even less. Benghazi, Email gate, …. well, you be the judge!

But would I ever do what that girl, and many in China did, and do?

No way, Jose.

Thats just WRONG. Plain disrespect … and RACIST.

But anyway, Charles was talking about ESL.

And I kept telling him .. .maybe.

Maybe what you’re saying is true, I said (and to an extent yes, it is).

“But sorry Charles, I’m not going to use that as an excuse”, I responded.

And I went on to tell him how I was getting paid more than him in the few monkey jobs I DID do wayyyy back then.

“I don’t want a crutch, Charles”.

“No-ones saying you want one!” he replied, peeved.


He didn’t.

But wouldn’t that be exactly what I used if I “bought into that line of thinking”?

(it was around that time he made the infamous “You’re like a white man trapped in an Indian body!) 

(Funnily enough last night I had dreams of being “transported” to another body. More on that later, hehe). 

(There was tons of lovely GALS in the dream tho – I’ll tell you THAT! ;))

But back to it. (and no, I dont think I am! I’m just being HONEST)

Where would Martin Luther King be if he had started off with “the deck is loaded against us mentality”?

I speak of Mike Tyson and Herschel walker a lot.

Denzel Washington.

Tyson was bullied when he was young, and how many times do you hear him weep about it?

Ditto for Herschel, who much like yours truly did NOT have good genetics etc growing up, and growing up in the slavery plagued deep South, got past all that, MADE something of himself!

Booker T (I believe?)

And of course, Denzel.

Where would good ole Denzel be if he complained that “Hollywood is predominantly white”.

I mean, really, fella.

TRUE success in fitness or anything doesn’t see race or color.

And truth be told, a lot of the so called (SO CALLED!) priveleged lot have suffered more than they’d let on.

Stallone, for one … and plenty of others.

Guess what.

They just kept barrelling past the obstacles and just did it!

And thats what YOU have to do too – in life – and in fitness.

Get rid of the crutches, bro.

Get rid of “I need a gym mentality”. No you don’t!

Get rid of the “without machines I can’t accomplish anything”.

Yes – hell yes – you can.

You get the photo.

No excuses, MOFO.

Full speed AHEAD.




And then go out and ACHIEVE!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember the 0 Excuses Ship – full of motivated folks that mean (and do) business and get in the best shape of their lives and continue to without making excuses. And so can you my friend. SO CAN YOU!