The sound of the RAVEN crowing …

It’s no secret that I’ve spent most of my adult life in China, and a LOT – I repeat a LOT – of it right next to a fantastic Mountain.

Qi Feng mountain, and I’ll forever be very very indebted to Ann for introducing me to the treasure that lay “within” and right in front of my eyes!


I remember watching that red lantern from my fourth floor flat when Igot to china.

I remember Saurabh, an Indian colleague of mine in China who I sometimes spoke with telling me of another Chinese guy who “climbed it twice a week”.

I remember being OUT OF SHAPE AND FAT.

I remember my so called massive forearms when I lifted weights, and how LOUSY I felt overall. (excess flab, indigestion, terrible stamina, smoking an dso forth).

The hill and bodyweight exercises are what turned it around – in that order!


But this isn’t about that.

I’ve written about my favorite place in India as well.

When I DO go there. Which isn’t often!

And I don’t have many favorite place there.

Well, let me backtrack.

The Southern part of the country is a different beast altogether from the North where yours truly has traveled very extensively, and maybe THAT part is the part I’ll visit someday. I have a feeling I’ll love it.

Perhaps NOT as much as China

But perhaps more!

Or less.

We’ll see.

But anyway Khajiiar

The Himalayas. Lush greenery all around! And FOREST – – real forest!

The forest on Qi Feng has nary a stray feline now, but lore has it BACK in the day them mighty tigers roamed there too (before the Chinese ate ‘em up. Tiger penis soup and what not. Hehe).

(and then started the TERRIBLE practice of tiger farming. Very few things in life if any make me shed a tear, but seeing that magnificent beast reduced to what it is NOW)


But anyway, point of this is the RAVEN crowing – there are plenty of those in the mountains in India!

Even the chickens there taste different from those in the city. Far leaner, far healthier … not to mention the AIR there.

And that raven crowing happened on GOOD days in China to me too!

Working out out there ALONE in the cold, or heat.

I’d often hear the raven crow “all of a sudden!”

While doing Battletank Shoulders. While doing pull-ups. While doing … well, you get it.

It would do it in that unmistakable way which said the Universe is talking to me!

Along with that, I often see eagles out of nowhere seemingly.

A hawk recently plucked a pack of bread plum out of my hand (the face wasn’t masked, so I’m glad it didn’t get closer, hehe).

But anyway, that all reminds me of one thibg.



Yours truly “Houdini” has ALWAYS been a free bird.

He resents AND ALL impositions on him and will ALWAYS and HAS ALWAYS found a way to break the chains and be FREE above all.

Either physical or metamporhical, hehe. No Ben Hur there, thank you! LOL.

Anyway …

Question begets my friend.

With the world as it is – when will YOU start taking control of YOUR LIFE – an FITNESS?

One follows the other.

One is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve without the other.

A customer recently made the following commment about ‘humans are meant to move their body naturally – – not keep making goals of piling on another 10 kgs or lbs or Schofields to your bench press”.

And he was RIGHT.

IF there was a movement WITHOUT Function or purpose other than EGO, it is the idiotic bench press.

Ask these guys to do a handstand, and watch how quickly they back off.

But anyway …

When you get in the best shape of your life, you look mean and LEAN. LEAN AND MEAN!

(as I do here – Eat more – Weigh LESS – a picture that has bozos globally in a TIZZY. Some clown recently commented I look like I Dont work out. HA!)

(That picture is inspiration for YOU – or should be – along with the picture HERE on Shoulders like BOULDERS!)

(No I wont change it for “more sales”. It shall remain as IS. It’s there for a REASON, far more important than aesthetics. If thats your thang, you’re at the WRONG place, hehe).

Like an unstoppable machine.

You FEEL that way.

When are YOU going to do it?

I mentioned the raven up there, along with the tiger.

The former (and the eagle) isn’t mentioned in Animal Kingdom Workouts, as (believe me, I gotta say ths!) I don’t want people literally doing what they did before the Wright brothers in an attempt to fly which is to literally jump off buildings with arms outstretched.

Believe me, there is a reason I have disclaimers in all my books!

Never know what Bozo might take it into his head to …

But I DO mention the tiger.

And the tiger walk is just one of the exercises there in that will get you in the sort of shape where you’ll be ready to kick ASS – and some major league one – no matter what – starting now.

Get on the SHTICK – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Birds? I DO mention a “bird like way of stretching and loosening the joints” in isometric and Flexibility Training. This ONE movement will make you feel like a billion bucks throughout the day and can be done even if you’re 50 lbs overweight or what not. Or 100 for that matter. Trust me. Crack open the book, and see what it is for yourself, and no, you won’t find it on the internet either!