The 3×3 ISOMETRIC workout that BE kicking my BOOTY – and getting me – and YOU – in even BETTER and more STELLAR – shape!

And I mean, shape, SHAPE as in literally!

Literally, my friend.

Although I always did isometrics, before writing the book finally (which took a sum total of a couple of days I believe?? Not sure) … I worked isometrics HEAVILY (hence what I said yesterday about some of my books taking forever to write).

I gotta try and test everything until kingdom come FIRST!

And my customers and the testimonials they give me SPEAKS volumes to this fact.

As I said in the last email, talk’s cheap – but money buys WHISKEY.

That was Karl Gotch.

But if you can’t back up good sales with a STELLAR product, youre dead in the water for the most part.

Anyway, one thing and comment Bozo Hannibal Glyn Schofield on public assistance in the good ole U of K (I wonder what he’d do in a country without that, hehe – maybe why he got boooted out of China first, and then the Phillipines LOL) and his posse (and this includes the pump and toning “Jim Shim” posse) would say about the workouts in the book on isometrics is this.

Just a few minutes??

Well, most of my workouts are short.

But the book on isometrics really takes short and effective to new and giddier limits, and literally.

I feel GIDDY right about now.



And the 3 x 3 isometric workout I follow (sometimes I do 3 x5) is to blame for it, hehe.

And I’m getting STRONGER – and better at pull-ups as a result of this one!

Yes, even yours truly pull-up STUD and CHAMP (and so can YOU BE if you try) is getting BETTER at them. I can FEEL IT!

It’s not just the numbers.

It’s the fluidity of the FORM!

And anyway, the workouts I do take a sum total of three minutes, but those are intense three minutes bro.

What do I do?

Well, one being a dead hang, two being the special squat I teach you in the book (believe me, you won’t find it on the Internet) and three?

Well, a SOLID handstand – but I do it ISOMETRICALLY which is way different from a static hold.

All explained in the book.

Although I’m not fat, and haven’t been for ages, I can literally see my tummy and other parts (not the part you’re interested in Glyn lol) SHRINK in front of me (curiously you know the visual effect that has elsewhere. LOL).

I can feel my bones, muscles and tendons getting STRONGER.

I feel like a TRILLION BUCKS.

These truly are the YIN and YANG of fitness, or the “missing link” as one of my great customers John Walker recently and correctly noted.

(He has a great way with words. I love it!)

The FLUID often wears down the SOLID.

Water vs ROCK for one.

And for those of you just interested in beating up your joints beyond repair and “hard workouts” – well, guess what.

Thes eworkouts do a great job of loosening and WARMING you up as well.

Not that you need warm ups with any of my stuff.

But believe me, a few seconds of minutes of some of the poses I teach you?

You … ah, but you gotta DO IT – TO FEEL IT!

And on that note, I’m out. Be sure and grab Isometric and Flexibility Training before leaving – truly the “missing link” in most people’s workouts including YOURS.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Other products here. Paperbacks freely available, flowing like water (and beer, hehe).