Beta “sheta”, Plague Shague, HODGE – PODGE
- UGH.

And that what it ends up, I’ve often told my lovely daughter.

And she, unlike someone else IS lovely. Hehe.

But anyway . . .

I don’t know what it is with “English in India”

I wrote about why I keep attaching “sh” to words occasionally when I write, and the reason ain’t Do-Do.

LOL. Sometimes it is.

For instance, in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours truly refers to experts throughout as “sh-experts”.

The correct (if there’s one lol) way is “shmexperts”.

And I’m RIGHT in that (btw, the secret to RAPID weight loss, and one primary one at that is right at the start of the book. You can either pick it up by its lonesome, or get it GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness System was my first product here, and it’s still by far a MUST GRAB – BEFORE the others!

Trust me on this one.

You gotta build that base FIRST before you do so a skyscraper.

And, I wrote about the “sh” thing in India before on the other site, something I’ve never quite understood the “why” of.

Something I laugh at …

But something I do NOT like when it comes to kids, and schools.

I’ve often in years bygone, now, and likely forever the teachers referring to the kids (in ENGLISH class at that) as “Beta”

(which is supposed to mean “son”, but colloqially can mean both sons and daughters).

And more …

Now, hear me out before you start jumping up and down, my Indian friends.

You either do something, or you don’t.

Yuo’re either on ONE side, or the other.

Politics, I get it, but even there, “in the middle” is more of an oxymoron than anything else. You either agree on something, or you don’t – it is that simple,a nd anyone that tells me otherwise is a buffoon of the highest order.

For the most part.


Yours truly hates ESL, yet has done it.

And in China, despite its many faults, I’ll tell you ONE damn thing.

The Chinese either speak Chinese or English.

NEVER, even when they don’t know the word in English a “combo”.

Now, it’s a battle to get them to speak English in the first place, and without fail, most got pissed off a the no cellphoen and no Chinese rule in my class.

No, nothing racist!

I implemented that rule for a reason.

When you learn or speak a language, you do it ONE way.

You either speak one language, or the other.

You don’t speak a hybrid, especially not when teaching kids listening to the same damn thing in class.

I realize most reading this might not agree, and that is fine.

But I’m yet to see ONE benefit of it, other than crappy “hybrid” hodge podge English …

… and REDUCING your OWN strengths rather than ADDING to or complimenting them.

Anyway, to each his or her own I suppose.

Alonozo was right in terms of “Changing the goddamned world!”

So was the “sometimes it’s easier to just GIVE up” sign I spoke about before (kiddo pissing it out)

(believe it or not, I saw that on the desk of a Chinese manager at the factory back in the day. Hehe).

And …

On that note, fitness wise?

You’re either here, or THERE.

… for the most part.

The ONLY exception I’ll make for the Jim Shim is if you do what I say in the Jim Shim.

For the most part tho?

Getting your shoulders ‘pressed’ while you do sets with PINK dumbbells?

Pump, tone, puff, buff?

Plague Shague?

That IS the plague, really, as far as fitness is concerned, and you know what I mean. Hehe.

Anyway, im out.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Really. Try and not make a hodge podge out of things, folks. It just don’t work that way in real life!

PS #2 – And when a teacher refers to kids as “betas”.

Obviously not talking alpha males or beta males, or those in between, hehe, but the point begets.

Geez! I mean, I know, I know. It’s India. But still! If you’re learning a language you could be doing it Timbuktu for all I care, but you do it RIGHT! Or not at all…

I know. How dare I. But I said it, because guess what.


(So says my RIGHTEOUS booty, for the BOZOS out there)

PPS – One area where yours truly is guilty of hodge podge (shodge, hehe) is the TESTIMONIALS page – gotta rejig … sometime!

Gotta dig ’em out from the annals of a FOUR times crashed Winblows machine. Thank heavens for backups!

So much to do, so little time, hehe.